Get that Leg fixed Karen 2E0XYL

I’ve just heard from Colin G4UXH on the WOTA Forum that Karen has broken her leg, I hope the break isn’t too bad and it mends soon.

Thinking of you Karen,

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has broken her leg


Not much fun when all in a cast and very painful. Get better soon.


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Get well soon Karen

73 Matt 2E0XTL

Sorry to hear about the leg Karen, hope it heals fast!!!


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Thanks Colin, Andy & Matt. Hazard of the hobby! Apparently a spiral fracture of the fibula (left ankle) - won’t really know any more until the temporary back slab is off and seen at the fracture clinic on Thursday. At least we did manage to qualify Allt y Main beforehand - so 1 point gained but not quite the winter bonus I had in mind! HI

Me thinks 6-8 weeks is going to go oh sooooo slowly! I just hope it’s a simple one and I’m back on the hills quickly. Just goes to show it’s the easy ones that get you. Must have been less than 5 metres descent down to the track leading to the car. No rocks, ice or snow - just very muddy . . . . easy! HI

Take care everyone. Safe descent!

73 & 88
Karen 2E0XYL

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Sri - it wasn’t him it was me. Sitting at Neil’s PC instead of mine!


(Thanks Tony, wasn’t ignoring you - I was just chasing whilst writing so missed your post).

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery Karen. I see Neil is out on a SOTA without you today! That’s compassion for you!

I wonder if you have a Tom-Jimmy style “pact” where he isn’t allowed to do any new uniques without you while you are out of action?

73, Tom M1EYP

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Apologies Karen, I didi’nt realise you had broken your ankle when I spoke to you from SP-013, earlier. I was so engrossed in trying to get the 7 ele beam working (unsuccessfully) that everything went over my head! That coupled with the bitterly cold wind and damp :frowning:

Best wishes and get well soon…

73 88

PS. The antenna is now in the scrap pile, after I lost my rag with it…

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Thanks, Tom. No point in us both suffering withdrawal symptoms and I do not make a good patient (translates as - sending him out on SOTA gives us more quality time)! HI. He did however leave me supplied with a flask and rations - venturing into the kitchen with a temporary cast on is not recommended with 4 large dogs who are pleased to see you!

As to a pact - that might be a bit difficult as last year I did Elidir Fawr & Moel Eilio on my own when Neil was working! I did go back up Eilio with Neil though for the winter bonus end of December! So I guess like you and Jimmy, we’ll catch up again later on.

Karen 2E0XYL

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Hope you recover fast, Karen. Mud, ice, scree, wet rock, all lurk in wait, it could happen to any of us.


Brian G8ADD

Hi Karen,

I’m sorry to hear that you have broken your leg.

Get well soon.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Sorry to hear about your leg karen get well soon before we all start to miss you take care DAVE M3XIE

Hi Karen,
Hope you have a speedy recovery and we have another S2S soon.
Thanks for the two contacts today.

Roger MW0IDX

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Thanks Mike, glad I was able to work you today. Bad luck with the 7 ele beam - frustrating for you, especially with the wx. I know Neil can identify with the ‘scrap pile’ statement!

Brian & Jimmy, thanks for your good wishes.

Dave XIE - I heard you from the home QTH, did try calling but you couldn’t hear me. I could hear 95% of the people Neil worked from Moel Famau today so at least I can keep in touch that way - not quite the same though.

Roger, great to catch you on those 2 summits - I doubt you got much in the way of views today! Glad you got down safely.

This chasing thing is awfully hard work - activating is so much easier!

Karen 2E0XYL

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Get well soon Karen, despite ending up with a broken leg at least you didn’t fall too far!

It could have been so much worse.

I hope to work you again very soon.

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

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You have my sympathy, but at least you broke your ankle coming down off the hill. I waited until I got back to the cottage and fell in the shower when I did mine. On 06/Jan/2007 we did G/TW-004 Bishop Wilton Wold and when I got back I spent too long in the jacuzzi, got dizzy in the shower and fell breaking my ankle. (Not very macho!) The darn thing still gives me jip and my ankle swelled so that socks cut now off the circulation. I hope your heals quickly and you don’t have any lasting problems.

See you Wednesday.

73 Steve GW7AAV

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Hi, Karen, heard about your accident from G4UXH,Colin yesterday, I hope the injury isn’t too bad but make sure you’re properly fit before you start climbing mountains again, in the meantime keep listening out for the rest of us and earn a few chaser points !!.

Best wishes from, Derek

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Oh dear - poor you. I hope you get well Karen very soon.
It sounds as if the orthopaedic surgeons won’t be troubling you too much. [I recall three of them getting excited about the tools they were going to use on my leg! Hiking in the mountains: tips for beginner hikers - Mountain Day is the whole story]. So close to the car too. Dad recalls watching a member of his walking club trip and fall in the car park [after descending a thousand feet of scree] and break his leg. It’s curious when bad luck happens.
I had good results in getting my bones to knit back together by riding my touring trike to the pub for lunch and back most days as soon as I could. The fracture faces seemed to like being bashed together by hundreds of pedal strokes!

Best wishes

David M0YDH

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Best wishes for a speedy recovery Karen. As Brian says, it could happen to any of us. We all need to be aware of that, especially when we are up those hills unaccompanied.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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As Brian says, it could

happen to any of us. We all need to be aware of that, especially when
we are up those hills unaccompanied.

Good point, Gerald. When I am out solo nowadays I always use two walking poles, I feel a bit of a charlie but it is safer!


Brian G8ADD