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Get Paid To Walk

Just noticed this on MoneySavingExpert web page.

Get paid to walk with Bounts

So you can now enjoy a walk, activate a summit and get paid for doing it.


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Been doing this with Bounts for about a year now. Earnt approx. £50 - not able to retire yet!

So you give them some “fitness data” and they give you rewards which you can eventually convert to money. Seems to me that what you need is a programmer to write a “fitness data” generating program then you can have the program generate the data you upload instead of having to exercise. How long before they notice you are running a marathon everyday and stop giving you points.

That’s the great thing about all the schemes, security is always an afterthought once someone has gamed them for a big bag of cash!

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Or a hardware engineering solution…

The character Howard has a gadget for this on an episode of The Big Bang Theory.

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