Gérald F6HBI is 5x Goat !

After 888 activations (including Le Mont Blanc F/AB-001 : 4808m ) and countless thousands meters of climb, Gérald, F6HBI is Mountain Goat x 5 ! He is the first French activator (since a long time).
Congratulations Gérald, great job !

You will be hard to catch up …

73 de Bruno F6HHK


An excellent achievement Gérald. Many congratulations. Onwards and upwards!

73, Gerald

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What a colossal achievement. Huge congrats @F6HBI :tada:

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A big congratulations Gérald @F6HBI, always a real pleasure to work you :+1: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
73 Éric

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Awesome! Congrats!
73 Fabio

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Wow excellent achievement Gérald!

5 times :goat:

73 Joe

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Good luck and well done Gerald. 73 Don G0RQL.

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*Réalisation prestigieuse en tout !
73, Alain

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Félicitations Gérald. Merci pour tous les QSO’s.

Great achievement in taking on the really difficult ones. Good operator!

73 Karel ON4FI

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Congratulations Gerald on achieving 5 x Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Bravo !
Et moi, je suis ton copain. Alors tes points sont un peu les miens.
Super score, j’ai encore du boulot avant d’arriver à ton niveau.
73 Roger


Congratulations Gerald! Well done!

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Félicitations, Gerald!!!
Seeing such achievements, I sometimes feel like a SloathGoat still in my 800 activator points after nearly 7 years…
My big respect and admiration to you.


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Congratulations Gerald !

Ivica 9a6cw

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Great achievement, congratulations Gérald!

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Hi Gérald,

Chapeau bas !!!

73, Jarek

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Well done Gerald always nice to work you.

73 Terry de G0VWP

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Hello all,

Thanks very much for your words.
First licenced in 1981, i was looking for DX with some good antenna at home.
Then, i had to move for the city of Nice in south-east of France, and gave up all my radio activity.
12 years later Bob F5HTR rang me on the phone to talk about SOTA, and one week later we went together for my first activation, it was june 2009!
Since that glorious day, i bought an FT817, and never stop enjoying Sota-QSO from the splendid mountain aera where i live.
I feel well when, on summits i can ear all my loyal friends calling; sometimes i remember those who are now SK.

I would say thank you to the Management Team for the job they do.
Thank you Bob F5HTR the French Association Manager.
Thank you Roger F5LKW my share-partner
Thank you to all the chasers for listening my too weak sig.

SOTA is part of my life for more than 11 years, and hope i’ll be able to carry on for still a long time.

See you next summit, Gérald F6HBI


Congratulations, Gérald! You are very dedicated to achieve such an honor. I am delighted to have you in my log! Best wishes and see you on the summits. de CT7/K9PM Paul

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