Gerald Booming from F/AM-380

Thanks chasers for the nice reports today.
Condx were good all sigs 59+++ on top of the summit.
The wx was very cold with Wind, that make difficult to key cw!
Here is a photo from were i was; you can see the mast and the EFHW over the ski resort.
73 from Gerald


Thanks for the contact this morning Gerald.

You certainly were booming in from the summit - a true 5-9 here into Southern Bavaria. The other French language net that was trying to force you off frequency, had no chance with the signal that you had. It was kind of you to move, even though you were on the frequency first.

73 Ed DD5LP.

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Nice picture. Your signal was indeed booming. How many power did you use?
And thanks for the QSO.

73, Tonnie

Hello Tonnie,
I use always 5w out of the FT817ND, Antenna was EFHW with a 1/9 balun.
I have also a inv V dipole.
Today when a i came back to the car (1000m down), it was snowing.
We miss a lot of snow in the area so it is a goog thing that it arrives, for ski resorts
but not for Sota men!
73 and cu again everybody.
Gerald F6HBI