A creat tool for SOTA !

Program Geocontext-Profiler allows you to make topographic profiles anywhere on Earth in the seabed and ocean floor. Can be widely used: in the natural sciences (geomorphology, hydrography) for the education and tourism – hiking route planning, bicycle, car.

Within the program, you can find some advanced options that allow you to create a profile along the road, bicycle and pedestrian paths, and measuring the slope angle. The program can import KML, KMZ and GPX from GPS devices.

For educational purposes several pre-programmed profiles of interesting geographic features, such as: the highest mountain or the largest ocean depths of Earth.

73, Chris OE5HCE

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Hello Christian…
Thanks for the link to this helpful tool.
I will use it for the next activations, but i think next year.
At the moment we have around 20cm snow in the last 4 hours and heavy wind.

73 de Tom

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Good morning Tom!

Well, we also got at least 20 cm of fresh snow over the night. It shall snowing in the mountains up to 50 cm. Cross-country ski are already for take-off :wink:

73 de Chris

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Sounds a bit like something I started earlier this year as a further development of the SOTA Mapping Project.

A variety of tools would enable the user to draw a track - perhaps their favourite route up a SOTA summit - on a map and save it with accompanying notes for others to use or reference. The user could also import KML, KMZ or GPX files from various sources to achieve the same thing.

However, I’ve since been distracted by another web-based project for ham radio which takes up all my spare time, but when that’s finished I’ll return to this route-mapping and get it running. In the meantime, a couple of screenshots to whet the appetite can be found here:

The user would also be able to activate Google Earth in the browser and see any of the tracks superimposed in the hill in 3D, plus have the ability to export routes in KML, KMZ or GPX. But as I say, I’m a little busy right now… :wink:

73, Rob DM1CM

Hi Rob,

That sounds fantastic – can’t wait!


In reply to DM1CM:Wow looks amazing so far. Thanks for sharing Rob. Can’t wait to see the finished product.