Geocaching on Wandbühl anyone ?

At the SOTA dinner, I was very proud to tell some other activators that I carry several items in double in my backpack. This came in very handy as I wanted to set up on DM/BW-038, Lemberg.
I was missing my power cable !
This is a short cable of abt. 25 cm with PowerPoles on one side, and a round connector which fits the KX3 at the other end.
No problem for my activation, I quickly took my backup cable.
But where could the first one be ?

I suppose it must have slipped my hands while packing at DM/BW-041, Wandbühl , where I had set up in the woods, looking for some shade, but having trouble with lots of flies …
Before descent , I had my rig send a last aprs beacon, then shut it down, so I suppose the cable must be closest to the arrow in this picture. The track I followed is the thin yellow line.

and this was my operating spot

So if anyone is going to Wandbühl shortly, and wants to do some GeoCaching … you can get yourself a nice DC-cable, hi.

No need to return it to me, but let me know if you find it, I’m just curious to know if someone is crazy enough to go looking for it :wink:

Good hunting !

Geocachers always need co-ordinates. Haven’t you saved a waypoint?
All hunter, please remember to trade equally. So have another spare cable with you to trade!

Not quite always, but they sure help. :slight_smile:

(I’ve found a cache or three while out wandering simply because I spotted a location, thought “That looks like a geocache hiding spot!”, looked, and found it. The problem then is finding the cache on the website in order to log it. :wink: )

It’s always worth carrying a spare geocache, in case you can’t find it…


I remember finding three containers for one cache once, all 35mm film cans in among the roots of a tree… :wink:

Jaan SM0OEK and I found the geocache on Höchsten DM/BW-854, it was in the look out tower .

New to world of SOTA, only got my call sign late last night. (M7FTF)

The call sign may indicate another hobby…

Based in Uk or would love to try and do the caching. Here we have a number of caches at SOTA summits, more will be added :slight_smile:

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Hi M7FTF don’t know your name but welcome to SOTA which combines well with geocaching, 73 Steve G1INK.

Hover on the avatar and the name pops us…


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Hi Adam,

Congratulations on getting the callsign, and welcome aboard!




Congratulations to the callsign!
Perhaps you have fun in APRS Caching?

Despite not being an active geocacher I am informed about it and had some funny occasions. On former DM/BM-116 (deleted due to P150) I knew the place of the geocache. Once a group of cachers was looking for it but did not find it. So I was asking “Are you looking for the geocache?” They were a bit embarrassed about being asked by a muggle. But as I turned out to be only a semi-muggle giving them the hint to find the cache they were delighted.
Another funny story: On DM/HE-128 I found the geocache by chance and signed in with my callsign. There is also an official summit book for the muggles, but the cachers did not sign into this one.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Sadly, I had to archive europe’s only moving geocache with automatically updating co-ordinates some years ago.

I Was a bit busy with other things the last few days … but finally looked it up , FTF = First To Find , seems to be a Geocachers acronym … Aha !

hello, what is geocaching?


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A google search for “geocaching” would be very informative. Until you do that, here is a nice article from REI.


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