Gentlemen on the air

We would just like to say thank you to Don, G0RQL for telling us all about SOTA and how it works and the well needed encouragment for us to join us the ever expanding group. We are now both active SOTA chasers and thoroughly enjoying the chasing.
We would also like to thank the SOTA activators for all their time,
hard work and patience. You have all made us very welcome and made SOTA and the radio much more enjoyable.
Hope to speak on air very soon.
Until then, good luck, God bless and happy SOTA chasing!
Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

In reply to M6NHA:

Sara and Tony,

Sorry it’s taken so long for you to get a proper explanation and encouragement. Now you have found this website you will not be short of information or advice.

Many thanks for the numerous contacts, going back at least to June 2011, which have helped me to qualify several summits around Wales and the West Country.

Looking forward to hearing you on a summit before long.


PS, what about the ladies on the air?

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Thanks for your reply.

As you say we did work some mountains as far back as 2011 but we didn’t know about SOTA or how it works as we were working the mountains for the WAB squares as we are also in the WAB group.

Apologies for not mentioning ladies on the air, we have worked some great ladies,including lady SOTA activators and everyone we have worked so far has been brilliant.


Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

In reply to M6NHA: Sara & Tony, Welcome to SOTA, Sorry I did not mention it in our QSO ( 08.05.11) but had only just started myself, hope to work you S2S sometime, Pete M1CNL & Gill M6TAD

In reply to M6NHA:
Hi Sara & Tony,

Welcome to SOTA and many thanks for the contacts on Snowdon when I was GB10SOTA.
Hope to work you both again soon.

Roger MW0IDX

In reply to M6NHA:

Great to work you both from Bardon Hill last night!

In reply to M6NHA:

Thank you! Its always been a pleasure to work you both when I’ve been on a summit in the area.


In reply to G7LAS:
Thank you Rob, it was our pleasure to make contact with you also, as it is with all the SOTA activators because without the activators people like us wouldn’t be able to be Sota chasers and collect points.
It’s all down to the activators like yourself and your hard work, we are just in our comfortable and warm shack!
We truly appreciate all the effort you put in to activations, travelling, walking and climbing in all weathers. We applaude and thank each and every one of you.

God bless and keep you all safe.


Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

In reply to M6NHA:
I got my hamradio-license around may 18th this year, and made my first SOTA-excursion on july 1st (with stuff I borrowed from other SOTA-addicts in our club, see below). So here’s a hamradio/SOTA-newbie talking :slight_smile:
I’ve only had the chance to do 2 excursions (5 activations in total), but have been struck by the sota-virus nevertheless. I enjoy the walks, being outdoors, setting up the station, and working the pile-up - that is, if people “behave” themselves during pile-up.
And it’s always nice to talk to people that you’ve heard before during a previous activation. For me, two of those “people” are Sara and Tony : I’ve heard them at each of the 5 activations I’ve made, either during a QSO that I made with them, or during QSO’s that they made with the other operators I was with during those activations (on3uk who is a newbie as well, on4up, on5cmb, on9cbq). It feels to me like a SOTA-activation isn’t complete without having heard Sara and Tony :wink:

Kind regards,

Thierry, on3th

In reply to ON3TH:
Thank you Thierry for your kind and encouraging words and congratulations on your license.
So glad to hear you’re enjoying SOTA and your activations as we are really enjoying SOTA chasing.
It is always a pleasure to work you and the members of your club Thierry and we also look forward to our next QSO.
Thank you again for taking the time and effort to do activations as without activators we couldn’t be chasers!
Good luck, God bless and best 73,

Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA

In reply to M6NHA:
I understand your sentiment. SOTA is still “new” on this side of the pond, only a little over a year old in W4C association. As an Activator, I cherish the Chaser, he/she is the one that made that climb worthwhile. A couple of times on tougher ascents I’ve thought, “this is the last one,” and I change my mind when chasers start answering my call. It’s by and large the same group of 10-20 operators who make me feel like the most handsome guy at the party. Never met them, they have become my best friends.
One day I hope to work both you and Tony whilst I am on a summit here in North Carolina, Virginia or Tennessee. Thank you for your contribution and enjoyment of this wonderful thing called SOTA.

In reply to WH6LE:
Thank you for your nice comments Pete.
We fully agree with you, SOTA is great because the chasers and activators appreciate one another and everyone, including new stations are made welcome.
Didn’t realise that SOTA is so new in your association but really glad you are enjoying SOTA as we are.
We are both foundation license holders here in the UK which means we are restricted to 10 watts but we will definitely listen out for you as we would love to work you from a summit also.
Thank you for your contribution too, and also to everyone who makes SOTA so enjoyable.
Good luck, God bless and best 73

Sara and Tony M6NHA and M3NHA