Geal Charn GM/-ES-024 - Never Give Up!

August 11th 2022, I successfully activated Geal Charn using 2m SSB. It happened some 11 hours after I first turned on the radio on a summit that day.

Here’s the story. (Video waited a year for editing.) I rather like this one.



Geoff vk3sq


Nice one Fraser. Further encouragement for me to keep me trying 2m SSB, though I’ve found it hsrder to qualify on the mode the further north I’ve been. Maybe at some point it becomes untenable to carry the 2m amp. Your zero replies session reminded me of when I activated Ord Ban GM/ES-074… :hushed:

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Ord Ban on 2m SSB is ambitious. I tried it from one of the Drumochter Pass Munros, Carn na Caim GM/ES-039 and made just two contacts. Both Edinburgh.

Never Give Up!

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Ambitious… that’s being generous. I’d call it just plain daft. :joy: