GD Report

Hi All
The GD visit was superb as always. Arrived just in time to meet up with Phil G4OBK and xyl Judy for the first time and be one of the four they needed for their whistle stop trip to GD-002.
29/06/07 GD-003 South Barrule, our favourite Manx summit in nice sunshine and a 3hour stay using our fishing shelter. 5 Mhz in reasonable condition and most of the regulars worked. 7 Mhz CW was quite productive into Europe, sorry if it was a struggle I use mostly CW from the home QTH but the FT817 without CW filter or dsp and no headphones made rather hard work of it. Add to this a dislike of paddles and a key balanced on my knee and that’s my excuse. The key has a leg strap but it was back at home! Lots of contacts on 2M completed a great day out.

01/07/07 GD-005 Mull Hill, A day of heavy showers. The rain stopped, we set off, it rained, full waterproofs on,
the sun came out, we decided to stay in full kit which worked as it didn’t rain again All this in the 500m walk to the top. Lots of contacts on 5 SSB and 7CW. Just two on 144SSB and NO takers on 2FM in spite of lots of calling.

03/07/07 GD-002 Slieau Freoaghane The path from the green road up the deep heather covered ridge from the south has become very indistinct and took rather longer than usual. Used the little tent again to good effect. All the usual bands in good nick. Cloud down when we finished so descended on the broad path to the north east to pick up the green road further round (Keep to the right in cloud on the grass path).

05/07/07 GD-004 Bradda Hill. Manx National Day. Attended the Tynwald in the morning in bright sunshine then elected to climb this steep little hill in the afternoon. 5Mhz conditions awful. Called for thirty minutes before Frank RMD and Dave VUS popped up after a desperate phone call, BVE and COP completed the haul with Cox as a getaway. By now the wx had changed dramatically with a near gale driving cloud and rain over the summit, just two and a half contacts on 2FM (sorry Nigel) and we dripped back to the car with a lot of gear to dry out.

07/07/07 GD-001 Snaefell Having been turned away from this one several times by cloud we decided to go for it through the muck. Photographed an arctic? hare on the high slopes, later talking to the tram driver at the summit
he said that several of them had not lost their white coats this year! Unfortunately ours had. All bands reasonable from this one. Most problems caused by the QRM from the trams and the visitors they deposit on the top at 20min intervals, a good reason to do this one in the evening wx permitting. Dropped the Alinco into Audreys cup of tea
which did not please her or it! The sun came out and the cloud cleared with great views but after nearly three hours the cold wind sent us into the summit café for a big mug of tea each before the walk down to the car.

08/07/07 GD-003 South Barrule. Super sunny day, tent in action again. 5Mhz very poor with just two contacts both with poor reports.7Mhz full of frantic chasers but none want us. Heard GX0OOO/P and a couple of continental summits but unable to break the pileups (See other topic QSS) Lots on 2M to make up for it.

A great trip to GD as usual, can’t wait for next year.

PS In the light of entities in a day. GD is possible, we did it a couple of years ago. I have a sheet GD IN A DAY with full instructions. If anyone is interested just drop an Email, as I’m not sure where to post it for general viewing nowadays.
Thanks to all and 73
Rob and Audrey

In reply to G4RQJ:

Hi Rob

A good read.
Thanks for a great job on the Island and for giving me GD-003 to complete the DG summits and by means of a s2s with me on NW-062 too.

73 to yourself and Audrey

Mike GW0dsp