GD/GD-002 Slieau Freoaghane 2022-03-25

A pleasant afternoon was spent atop GD-002 last Friday afternoon, activating my second summit here on the Isle of Man. Two things were done differently this time around; I brought along the 705 with a Sotabeams dipole, and used a spotter app. The difference made by both of these (as opposed to just getting lucky with the 2m HT) was amazing and I found myself at the centre of my first ever pile-up. I worked 20m and 40m for around an hour, sticking to 3W SSB and getting great results.

When the callers dried up I started working some of the other spotters and was pleased to make several S2S contacts as well, including @F5ODQ operating as EA/F5ODQ/P on EA2/NV-012. It was a real privilege to be part of your mission Alain, thank you for doing what you do.


Glad to get you in the log, Mark. Looks like you had a really successful 2nd activation. Wishing you lots more like that.

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Hi Mark
It was a pleasure doing an S2S with you from EA2/NV-012.
For information I also use an inverted V Dipole 20/40m from Sotabeams and am very satisfied with this antenna.
Ready for another S2S
73’ Alain


I had a wonderful pileup from there too one evening, and it has some lovely views.


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