GB2RS in Morse

This looks like it might be a useful resource for those of us who might want to practice copying morse beyond call signs and signal reports…


I’ve been using news headlines, but I like the added QRN feature.

News headlines in Morse

I also try to do every day

73 de va3rr


What a great idea this is Matthew - thanks for highlighting it. No excuses for those learning Morse these days, so many aids that weren’t there in the 1970s, 1980s when I became interested in getting an HF transmitting licence, which of course then meant you had to have almost perfect copy of plain language Morse at 12 WPM which was tested by a professional Radio Officer before you could then apply for the Class A licence as it was called.

So many on this reflector have fallen by the wayside, this initiative could encourage them to restart Morse practice again - practice, practice, practice is the only way and then get on the air.

Now I must have a play myself and see what this sounds like hihi

73 Phil G4OBK


Superb practice tool also! Didn’t know about this, thanks OM.

73 Phil G4OBK

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Thanks Phil. I’m certainly planning to make use of it. As you say, we are lucky so have so many online resources out there.

On the subject of morse, Thanks for working me from GD/GD-003 the other day on 30m. Sorry for taking a while to compete the qso. I had initially incorrectly copied your callsign as G4OBV, but then wondered whether it was you! As usually happens when I try to deviate from the rubber stamp call-signs and signal reports type qso, I got into a bit of a fluster with my sending when I was trying to clarify it was you! Your patience was vey much appreciated!

73, Matthew M0JSB