Following a conversation I had with Ofcom yesterday, I have been informed that I can no longer use the SES callsign GB20SOTA, due to a computer glitch at Spectrum licensing.

As GB20SOTA will have been only active for one day making 70 QSO’s, I do not envisage there being any QSL cards available for this callsign sorry. I have uploaded these QSO’s to the database and Ofcom have assured me that my callsign was valid for that day.

Good news however, Ofcom has offered me a shorter alternative SES callsign which I accepted and yesterday received the NoV which is valid until the 29th March 2022.

Apologies for those that were hoping to work GB20SOTA, but I look forward to working as many of you as possible under the callsign GB2OTA.

Tom M1EYP has kindly offered to handle QSL duties, please wait until the event has finished before sending QSL requests.

If any of you worked me as GB10SOTA ten years ago and would like a QSL card, just send an email with QSO details to me (I’m good in and I’ll send a QSL card in the buro to you.



I did wonder how you got a 20 SES call without Ofcom getting in touch with the SOTA MT and checking we were happy. From conversations others had with Ofcom because they wanted 20 calls, you got a different answer from each different person you spoke to, all contradicting each other.

Still you had it for one day.

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I had the GB20SOTA reserved for me since November, then issued last month.
Didn’t have any problems with GB10SOTA!

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