Gaz adverts

Just noted damn adverts appearing on Sota watch and take this survey fluff. :rage:

If you on Google chrome, pop into your extensions folder and delete it from your chrome extensions file. :grinning:

Suddenly noticed it this morning.
Hate adverts that pop up. :rage:

PS like way its gone back to old formate when you go into spot and tap on the sota ref number and the info comes up. So much better than that newer version.


Karl, you have a virus. There are no adverts.

Ok running, full scan now as precaution .


you can use freeware as: adwcleaner and/or roguekiller to get rid of these craps!

Already sorted with me anti virus and guess where the bugger was sitting in me chrome extensions it ain’t there no more :smile:

In one sense everything on SOTAwatch is an advert.

I should have suggested you start there first. :wink:

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