Gaulfest - Friday 28th December 2018

“Gaulfest” - Friday 28th December 2018

SOTA activation of the G/WB or GW/MW summit(s) of your choice, followed by a meet-up / social / coffee / cake at Mr Bun the Baker, Church Stretton at 3pm.

In keeping with the finest elements of SOTA events, Gaulfest should give us (a) a S2S QSO party, and (b) a social gathering of SOTA enthusiasts. Of course, activators further afield who cannot join us in Shropshire / Mid Wales can still join the QSO party, and of course the chasers.

I’ll be placing my alert later after consulting with M0HGY. See you on the air, and later in Church Stretton.

Gaulfest #1 - 2003:

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I’ll try an Ecossefest activation around 1300 with 144-SSB albeit vertical to a J-pole but may be encouraged to take an HB9CV if I can find it!

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Excellent Andy.

OK, we’re all set here. The Big Boss has issued two day passes to Jimmy M0HGY and myself.

That means that it’s more likely we’ll be seeking out a GW/MW unique rather than activating in the Shropshire hills themselves. Still near enough to meet everyone in Church Stretton later though.

Any other takers?

I’m now being summoned into a Planning Meeting with the G AM to decide where we’re going…

We have family arriving around midday on Friday, so I won’t be out on the hills or visiting Mr Bun this time, I’m afraid.

I will try to work a few from home, and aim to be better organised next year :upside_down_face:

Best wishes

We’re going to have a debut crack at GW/MW-006, and, time-permitting GW/MW-009.

I see we’ve got Allan @GW4VPX joining us on air - you coming to the meet in Church Stretton afterwards Allan? Though I appreciate it’s kinda the wrong direction for you. Also Paul @M0PLA will be activating in the area and hoping to join the meet-up later.

From further afield, there are alerts posted from Gerald @G4OIG, Paul @G4MD, Andy @MM0FMF and Daniel @EA3HP for possible S2S, but obviously no meet-up.

Really looking forward to my first Gaulfest for 15 years. It’s been too long…


Alerted for GW/MW-001 for tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s too far for me to travel to Church Stretton.

Hope to catch some of you s2s tomorrow.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Well as it stands Allan, there’s you, Paul (Cadair Berwyn) and Jimmy & I (also in GW/MW) - so if that’s it - or if subsequent participants alert for around GW, then we could always change the proposed meet-up location.

Let’s see what everyone’s plans are come the end of the day and make a final decision then.

You must find the lack of interest rather galling.

Not at all. The event was only announced less than 24 hours ago, and most of the participants in the poll haven’t posted their alerts yet.

(14 alerts posted so far).

It will all come good, you just watch.

BTW, if you fancy an outing, you’re welcome to join us.

Now 18 alerts on for Gaulfest. All the local ones in GW/MW or GW/NW so perhaps we need to suggest a different post-activation rendezvous. Any ideas?

I have found the HB9CV and it was in the last place I looked!

It always is !

Things are always in the last place that you look. What would be the point of continuing to look after you have found them?

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Sorry Richard, can you type louder, the boss and daughter are out and I have Melvin Taylor and The Slack Band giving the Living Voice speakers a serious work out! Currently belting out Lieber and Stoller’s ‘Kansas City’.

Well continuing to look often unearths all sorts of treasure you’ve forgotten about. Or in this case not only the HB9CV but the 50m length of antenna wire that had fallen into the same vortex in the space-time continuum. (Down the side of the washing machine.)

And the 2018 post of the year award goes to G3CWI.

Keep digging Andy!

Anyone for Gaulfest? (20 alerts so far).

Melvin has left the stage and now we have the king, Freddie King. And the Bowmore 12yr is out. I did some more looking but I haven’t found the pair of QRO coax relays which have gone walkabout. I mean when you have had some finding-luck, you should always continue in case you strike gold. Or Totsu CX600N’s in this case.


Here we go then! Nice early start from Cheshire for Gaulfest. 25 alerts posted. One or two of these may well be coincidental, ie not intending being part of the Gaulfest, but there may well be, as yet, unalerted activations taking place.

Whatever it proves to be, I hope to work many S2S and shack-based chasers later.

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Make that 31 - and at last something actually in Shropshire! Jordan @M3TMX do you want to meet up this afternoon?

Yup! For anyone else wanting to say hello, we’ll be at Mr Bun the Bakers from about 3pm. Hopefully see a few there!


Will be there at about 3:45pm.

Jimmy M0HGY