Gary, W5ODS is New MG Today

Congrats today , also to Gary, W5ODS , who made Mountain Goat . He was on W5O/SO-002. This makes him the first Mountain Goat from Oklahoma. Gary is also a prolific chaser with over 24,000 points. 73 Gary de Scotty KG3W


Congrats Gary,
Well done… We have talked many times, normally you as a chaser.


Congratulations Gary! You are the second new Mountain Goat today that I had the pleasure of chasing, today! Way to go, and thank you for chasing me on my past activations!

First Oklahoma Mountain Goat, be proud!!

Ron - K6CPR


Congrats on MG! First in OK! Glad to work you today and I’ll catch you on the next summit!

73, Jim/K7MK

Congrats Gary and welcome to the herd OM! You’ve had quite the journey over these past six years. See you in Colorado in a few weeks!!

73, Brad

Proud to have been one of your QSO’s today…congrats, Gary!


Dave AA1VX

Congratulations Gary! Glad to be in your log today. Great job.

73, Walt

Congratulations Gary. Glad I was able to work you along the way.

Jeff K6QCB

Congratulations to you Gary. I’m glad to be able to work you on your MG summit. Thanks for all the chaser points!

73, Gary

Wow, a MG AND a SS!! Congratulations, Gary. Looking forward to chasing you on future summits.

73 Paula k9ir

Congratulations Gary on achieving Mountain goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Congratulations, Gary, on achieving MG! 73, de AE9Q

We are also pleased to have inadvertently been part of your MG event!
Merle and Herm
Madison, NH

Congrats Gary! Honored to work you on W5O/SO-002 today! I had no idea I was taking part in your amazing accomplishment. Bravo!! / Woody / WD9F

Congratulations Gary! You’re in my log a lot, including a bunch recently…nice work and always a pleasure to catch you while you are on summit!

Keith KR7RK

Well done Gary, and thanks for the S2S today!

Richard // N2GBR

Congrats Gary, I was hoping to get an S2S with you but I guess the bands were not wokring for us, or my ADD kicked in…
Hope to get some more contacts with you in the future!

73 de N6JFD

Job well done Gary, congrats to you for the focused effort and hard work to achieve the MG goal. It’s a pleasure to work you on both sides of the hill. Now, onward and upward!


First MG in W5O Association - Congratulations! Glad to make contact with you on your MG summit. Thank you for the many SOTA contacts! Bob AC1Z

Congratulations, Gary. I enjoyed doing a summit together in the past and working you recently S2S.

Ward - WC0Y