Gary, W0MNA, hits 75,000 points

Gary, W0MNA, passed the 75,000 chaser point level. Great going! Gary and Martha are always in there. I know that my activations will have at least 2 QSOs with their steadfast chasing. Always with a great signal and operating style. I just missed giving Gary this milestone as I activated this morning. I should have gotten on the trail earlier.


Phil, NS7P


Congratulations Gary for your achievement and, as always, thanks for being there for all of us.

Dave, AE9Q

Congratulations! Your signal is always 599 and a pleasure to listen to.

Great job Gary! I always look forward to working you.

Congrats to Gary!! on 75k

73 NU7A [Bren]

That’s awesome, congratulations indeed. When fretting about not making the 4 contacts on top of a frozen mountain, it’s always a morale booster to hear Gary and/or Martha’s call signs come in clearly. They’re both great about hanging around to chase the 2nd or 3rd activator on a given hill, even though they’ve already bagged the points with the first activator and could just as easily move on. Such thoughtfulness is part of what makes this a great pastime.


Congratulations! Impressive! Gary is one of the reasons I enjoy SOTA, getting me to my four contacts and making me smile while he does it. Thank you Gary for all the times you’ve chased me.

Gary, always a pleasure hearing you and Martha on the other side. Thanks for being there!

All best, Ken and Kay

Congratulations, and with appreciation for your efforts as a chaser!
Peter - KD0YOB

Congratulations, Gary!!
From Merle and Herm presently sitting in the RV at the trailhead for Richland Balsam and catching up on data input during a rainstorm.
On every expedition we undertake it is Gary and Martha who constantly ensure our success when the cell signal isn’t there by anticipating and being there to pull us out of faiulure!
Many sincere thanks and hope to talk to you very soon.
Blue Ridge Parkway Portable

GREAT achievement Gary!!! Well on your way to being the FIRST NA Chaser to log 100K!!!

Keep up the good work and look forward to your activations this summer!


Chuck - KA5PVB

Congratulation Gary! Glad to offer a few points when and where I can. I’m sure you’ll be in my log many, many more time along with Martha.

Dean ~ K2JB

Always a great signal! Congratulations Gary and thanks for the dedication you and Martha have to SOTA.
73, Keith KR7RK

Great job Gary, great to hear you and Martha on SOTA activations.

Congrats Gary on another milestone. More to come!

And for the many many times you’ve contacted me while QRV summits.

72/73 de Dennis

Congrats Gary on a super achievement. Even under horrible band conditions, your signal makes it through. Thanks for many contacts, looking for more.
Doug n7cnh

Keep on keeping on OM! Well done and thanks for always helping me to qualify summits.

73, Dan NA6MG


Its hard to imagine NA SOTA without you! Thanks for being there for me on virtually every one of my 100+ activations.

Your the man!