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Gary-K3TCU hits 25K Chaser Points


Congrats to Gary on crossing the 25K mark. Gary has become one of the regulars and it is rare that his call doesn’t end up in my log when I am out activating. Reliable chasers like Gary are what make SOTA so much fun. Thanks for all the chases and looking forward to many more!

73, pat - KI4SVM


Gary, congrats on your accomplishment. You are also in my log many times. Looking forward to the next ones.
Gary W5ODS


Congratulations Gary, well done!
I hear you Chasing almost daily on several bands, both CW and SSB.
You have Chased me any number of times as well.
I’m looking forward to more QSOs in the future, both SOTA and otherwise.
vy 73/72, Bruce


Congratulations, Gary! That is a lot of points and required a lot of work on your part! Thanks for being there and for being part of the SOTA community!


Dave, AE9Q


Congrats Gary,
We have talked numerous times.



Congrats Gary. Wow! You are really doing well chasing . Since we are so close in location I always try to compare how well we hear similar activators. Thanks for posting when some activators aren’t picked up by RBN. All the best Gary. 73 de Scotty


Gary, congratulations and thank you for your ongoing support of the SOTA community!

Paul K9PM


Congratulations Gary on achieving 25,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congratulations, Gary! If I don’t get you in my log during an activation, that’s unusual ;-). Tnx for chasing and all the Qs. That’s the “partnership” that makes SOTA possible.

73 Paula k9ir


Congratulations Gary! I usually hear you in there chasing. Now I know why!
John Paul // AB4PP


Congratulations Gary, thanks for all the Qso’s


I expected that it was not easy to pick up week signal from the West Coast, but you did this many times during my activations! Congratulations Gary!


Fantastic Gary. It’s always good to hear your call sign. By the way, last week you were blowing out my eardrums. Not sure if your power was up or the band conditions were strong between PA and AR but you were booming. 599 was an understatement.


Congratulations on a great milestone Gary. Thanks for all the QSOs

Ariel NY4G


TU Gary! You have saved many an activation by being my 4th chase.
73’s Dean ~ K2JB


Congrats Gary and thanks for all the Qs!


Mike - ke5akl


Great job Gary! Hope to hear you on the air again soon.

Ralph - W4RRJ


Way to go, Gary, from a couple of fellow Eagles fans.

Keep up the good work!

Ron and Liz


Congratulations Gary. Always a pleasure to add you to the log on my activations. To me, you’re Texas Christian University from PA. Hahahaha

Roland K7FOP


Congratulations Gary! Bob AC1Z