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Gary K3TCU - Double Super Sloth


Congrats Gary, you are one of my most logged chasers. Thanks for being there. Until next time…
73 Gary


Congrats Gary.
You have chased me 7 times now and always a pleasure talking to you.



Congrats Gary! Next up 30k :smile: 73


Thanks everyone for taking the time to post well wishes! I appreciate the hard work, many hours and lots of $ invested in your activation activities. Sitting here in a warm shack is really easy!
It’s been rewarding making all the new friends and sharing your activation sagas and fantastic photos.

Safe climbing and HNY


Congratulations. I hear Gary all the time too and he is very active.


Many congratulations Gary. Great to work you yesterday on 20m CW from Scaw’d Fell GM/SS-142.

Happy New Year and vy 73,

Gerald G4OIG (GM4OIG/P)


Congratulations Gary! Thanks for all the SOTA contacts.
Bob AC1Z


Congrats Gary, nice to work you and give some points on Saturday during my the final activation of 2018
73, Jarek SP9MA


Congratulations Gary. You have been in my log many times as an activator. Keep on chasing

Ariel NY4G


Congratulations Gary & thanks for todays chasing me :wink:

73, Jarek SP9MA


A BIG Congrats Gary! You have chased me 3 times and it’s always a pleasure to hear from Penn calling us on the western side. Way to go and you have a great QRZ page too!:slight_smile:
Ron - K6CPR


Congratulation Gary, Great achievement!
Thanks for all SOTA qso on 20 mt band.

de iw2obx Roberto


Congrats Gary…!


Congrats, Gary! Happy to have you in my log and looking forward to many more!