Garmin GPSMAP 64

Hi guys
I have just been given for my birthday a Garmin GPSMAP 64. Those of you who use this device - what mapping overlay do you use if any. I have looked at the Garmin website and have looked at TOPO UK and Ireland Light and Birdseye Select.

I open to input and thoughts as to what to get. I use Memory Map for planning purposes but don’t think I can transfer that mapping software onto my Garmin.

Thanks in advance

73 Glyn

Happy birthday Glyn.
Can’t help you with your questions as I don’t have nor ever used that GPS. Mine is the basic one GARMIN etrex 10.
Enjoy it.
73 de Guru

There are various versions of Open Street Map (OSM) available for Garmin GPSr units. You may need a micro SD card to give you space enough.

Happy Birthday and have fun with your new toy!

I have downloaded usefull maps from this site: Overview

Click on “Maps” and select “More Countries” in the pull-down menu. There you will find Great Britain.

My Garmin is a different one, I have no experience with the GPSMAP64, but should work with all Garmin instruments.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

I have a 62S (as well as 2 Etrex Vistas :slight_smile: ) which came with GB OS1:50,000 mapping.

It’s terribly disappointing and I tend to always use the OSM maps that Heinz posted above.
They are usually far superior in the handheld format.

You can install multiple maps on your device and turn them on and off as you require.

I’d certainly try the OSM it’s free for a start off :laughing:

I’d look into OSM maps Glyn. I have versions of them on my phone and have found them to be very accurate. In fact I used it tonight to navigate from the hotel to down to the city centre. Very accurate mapping and with a GPS and compass on the phone, the accuracy of position on map to true location was scary.

On my old Vista HCx GPS I have the Scottish Mountaineering Club topo maps.


With mine I download a Google Earth image for the area I want to go. The 64 then overlays this. It is quite useful and works with zoom in/out.

Hi Heinz - excellent link, maps now on GPS thank you very much for the advice.

Compton - thanks for the info will look into downloading the Google Earth overlay and see how it looks.

73 Glyn

Thanks to everyone else for your inputs - as always very much appreciated.

The GPS was an early birthday present - I have another 19 days before I am officially another year older!!


There is another, not-so-obvious feature on the OSM page: You can adjust the contrast of a map by changing the map style. I am not going into details, it is all very well described in the following link: Design

I have chosen the typ file “contrast” and now I can easily read contour lines on my Garmin etrex! I have wondered why the original maps are colored like washed-out underwear. Changing the typ file is the solution.

73 Heinz, OE5EEP