Galashiels Rally 23/10/2011

The Galashiels Rally takes place this Sunday, 23rd October, at The Volunteer Hall, St Johns Street, Galashiels, TD1 3JX.

There is no official SOTA stand at the rally but I will be there manning my local radio club’s table (Lothians Radio Society GM3HAM) during the day.

There are normally a few SOTA particpants seen wandering about so any SOTA activators/chasers are more than welcome to wander over to say hello and have a chat about SOTA matters. Fear not, your wallets will be safe, as there will be no compulsion to join the LRS in order to stand at the table!

If I can remember, I will be sporting my SOTA enamel badge so you can see one and then rush to the SOTA shop to order your own. (


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Hi Andy!

Off down to the G-QRP Rally ( just outside Halifax on Saturday then off ‘hopefully’ to bag a couple of NP’s on the way back to GM on Sunday.

Have a good one!



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Aye I’m off galivanting around too so can’t make it, although I’m hoping to get home from Sweden on Sunday fingers crossed, providing the work gets finished tomorrow and I haven’t just jinxed it.

Iain, MM3WJZ

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Hope to see you there Andy and any others that are attending as its nice to put a face to a callsign.

73 Mark