HI All, my old TomTom sat nav has died what I need to know is…
Is the original download for summit directions still around , I have been using it for at least 8 years so it is sadly mist. I do intend to get another TomTom so would be glad to get the same one. I bet Tom M1eyp will know.
Regards to you all Tony - G7OEM

Tom M1EYP does know.


The resource you want is at the bottom of the page.

This is very old resource. Many things will have changed since it was compiled so don’t expect it to always have the best parking options.

Thanks for the replies is there a more up to date download around if not I will just carry on with the
Tony G7OEM

You could start with the original and update any parking info you find is old and out of date. Make that available to fell SOTAri and you’ll be a really popular chap. Some may buy you a drink as a thank you.