g7kse/p scafell pike g/ld-001

Today I made an attempt up Scafell Pike (G/LD-001) and whilst the weather was reasonable in the valley it was appalling on the summit with very strong winds and a cold mist that chilled myself and my XYL quite a bit. So I’d like to apologise to all the stations I wasn’t able to work due to the conditions, I heard a good few calling me back but it was just impractical to continue. So sorry to those I couldn’t work.

Next time (there will be a next time) I’m going to have to carry up a tent with a portable heater so I can make the most of the time on the summit :wink:

Alex, g7kse

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I’m going to have to carry up a tent with a portable heater

We’ve often had a fan heater running in the tent on Cyrn-y-Brain. And a toaster and kettle. It was nice to be able to work people and be warm, watered and fed. Of course this was when contesting when we had a 5kVA generator with us!

Sorry to hear about the bad WX, just a little too hot today in FN, 32C. Phew what a scorcher! :wink:


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I feel jealous already. At least there was no chance of sunburn in the lakes! although having got home to St Bees its already 15C warmer at least and the sun is out