G6UYG from G-WB-003 (Stiperstones)

Thanks to all the contacts on 145.400 yesterday when working from a cold and misty summit of the Stiperstones (G-WB-003) – especially Karen 2E0XYL for the quick reply to the CQ call and for posting the Spot as well.

Apologies to Jimmy M3EYP on 2 counts – 1st for getting the call wrong – I had M3OYP down on my log sheet – when that didn’t come up on QRZ.COM I realised my mistake – the location and name confirmed my error. Apologies also for asking you to standby whilst I worked GW1MNC who was mobile somewhere in the Black Mountain, but thought it best to work the mobile before a fixed station. Nice to work you on SOTA for the 1st time on my 4th activation.

Regards & 73’s

In reply to G6UYG:

You’re welcome, Steve. I am just sitting waiting to pounce on unsuspecting activators, apart from disappearing to the kitchen occasionally to make a drink/toast which is usually when a CQ SOTA is guaranteed!

Nice to work you again. Hope you had a good activation despite the wx.

Karen (2E0XYL)

In reply to G6UYG:

Hi Steve.

Just couldn’t hear you on 2m.

Jim, G3ZQQ

In reply to G6UYG:
4th activation Steve! This time next year it will be 40! Good to see that at least 1 member of the Salop Club is venturing on to the hills especially after my presentation! Hope you had a good time and no doubt we will hear you when you inevitably come down to Ludlow to do Titterstone and Brown Clee Hill!!

You must give DV a go on the calling channel of 144.6125 if you come down these neck of the woods!


Matt 2E0XTL

Hi Steve,

Good to work you yesterday. When I worked you, you said my correct call sign to me when we in contact with each other yesterday. I’m sure the mobile station called in before me, so I think you did the right thing to work the mobile station before me.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to 2E0XTL:
Thanks Matt - enjoyed the talk the other week - my 1st activation was April last year - nice easy one - GW-NW-001 Snowdon - via the Pyg track !!! and then did one on York moors on hol last year - even the XYL enjoyed sitting in in sun reading while I played radio ! What with work to do at home before the little one arrives begining of May and other things at weekends finding time for SOTA isn’t always easy. Grabinng the 3 extra points for Winter bonus has been a bit of a spur to get up the hills. Should hopefully do Titterston Clee Sunday 6th March - we are away for weekend but will be visiting friends in Ludlow for a 20th aniversary party in the afternoon so will try to do the Clee en route.


Steve G6UYG

In reply to G3ZQQ:

Hi Jim,

Will hopefully be up Titterstone Clee a week on Sunday so should be able to work you then. Last time I was up there April last year looking for very elusive Ring Ouzels KD was a very stong signal.

73’s Steve G6UYG

In reply to G6UYG:

'Should hopefully do Titterston Clee Sunday 6th March ’

Will make sure I have the Dstar rig on! Will have to chat on FM/SSB first and then QSY!!! I would be fairly confident in saying that the DV QSO could be the first from any of the WBs!

Matt 2E0XTL