G6ODU tops 20,000 chaser points today

Congratulations Bob! It doesn’t seem that long since you achieved Shack Sloth!

You have been there to chase me on the majority of my activations and you tend to be my benchmark for whether or not I’m getting out.

Many thanks for all the contacts over the last 3 years and I’m looking forward to working you on your way to 50,000 (probably some of them S2s now you’re activating)!

Karen 2E0XYL

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Great achievment Bob, been a pleasure to work you 222 times from the summits :wink:

73 Mike

Hi Bob

Congratulations on your achievement. Always pleased to hear G6ODU in the pile ups
and looking forward to more s2s with you.


Allan GW4VPX

Well done Bob. It is always a pleasure to hear your voice. Hope to work you when you are activating sometime - in the meantime thanks for all those contacts! :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Very many congratulations to Bob and many thanks also for being my number three most prolific chaser.

Hope for more soon,

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Very well done Bob. You have worked me 278times in 2.5 years. Brill!


Well done Bob, congratulations & thanks for all the contacts!
Roger MW0IDX

Congratulations Bob on achieving 20,000 chaser points.

Jimmy M(D)0HGY

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Fantastic achievement Bob!

You are my most prolific chaser by some margin. Thanks for all the contacts and your flexibility to make them quick if I needed to.

Here’s to the next 20,000.

Wonder if my activation of Snowdon yesterday was the one that took you over the line?


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From the My Awards page:

1, GW4ZPL, 299
2, G6ODU, 278
3, G4ZRP, 174
4, G0RQL, 169
5, 2W0CYM, 116


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Well done Bob! Radio Ormskirk has been a super supporter when I’m out and about and I always enjoy your upbeat take on life during our QSOs. Thanks for the 54 chases [3rd position behind G0TRB and G0RQL].
Over in July 2013 Summitsbase news there’s an article and pictures of Bob in action as an activator - go and see what he looks like!
73 David M0YDH

Well done Bob…Yet another milestone achieved!

Also, thanks for being there for us on all those summits, regardless of the time of day and for looking out for us…Your help and patience is much appreciated.

Here’s to the next 20 thou’!

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Congratulations Bob, a true master of the art! Thank you for being my top chaser too, closely followed by Karen 2E0XYL, in fact.

Also, thanks to Andy MM0FMF for spoon feeding us the data which makes such observations easily possible :o)



Congratulations Bob, 20,000 points, now that takes some doing. Here’s to the next 20,Cheers

73s John M6BLV

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Congratulations Bob,

It’s not many activations I’ve done without you being in the log.

Well done,

73, Derek

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Congratulations Bob, I usually hear you on any band when we are both chasing & you usually appear in my log on my rare activations. Would I also be right in thinking these points were made using phone only?

Very well done!

Thanks & 73,


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Many Thanks to each and all activators, without whom I would not have achieved these points,and enjoyed the times when my signal,not always brilliant,makes it though a pileup. I hope I can return the points back when activating. 73s Bob G6ODU

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Hi Mark
Yes FM & SSB, CW is beyond me,have tried,listening occasionally,cant get rhythm. 73s Bob G6ODU

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Well done Bob, nice to work you again yesterday. Hope to make the excursions more frequent now beginning to recover.

Myke and the stunningly beautiful Gwendolyn