G6ODU - a new activator!

Congratulations Bob on your successful activation of GW/NW-076 Mynydd y Cwm this evening. Hopefully the first of many!

It was a great way to end a day at the Llandudno rally after meeting up with many SOTA friends, some for the first time.

Well done - I remember how hard it was for us to make that first CQ SOTA call (as I’m sure will Tom and Jimmy)!

73 (until we get the whip out and drag you up another summit HI!)
Karen 2E0XYL and Neil 2W0TDX

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Well done indeed Bob, I could tell you were not quite used to being on the activator side of a QSO. Hi!


Mark G0VOF

Congratulations Bob on activating your first ever SOTA summit.

Jimmy M3EYP

Well done on the activation Bob. I hope this doesn’t mean that you will forsake the great community of chasers, of which you are a Grade A member! :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

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My thoughts exactly.
Well done, Bob, but I hope we shall still find you chasing the small Welsh summits.
73, Rod

Hi Bob welcome to the ranks of the Lunatic Fringe :slight_smile:

Always good to work you, look forward to some S2S’s soon

73 de Paul G4MD

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Many Thanks for all postings,It was a great day & night(it got dark very early),slightly wet,but, we did miss the heavy downpour, which came as we drove away. Thanks for spots Mark, at that time of the day most normal folk are doing other things. Gerald & Rod:- as long as I have a radio and I hear SOTA I shall chase,even more now that I have experienced the other side of SOTA. Paul:- at my age being called a lunatic is standard,eg.bought big m/bike FJR 1300/Yamaha(:<{).. Cheers Jimmy sorry I couldnt put you in the log along with many of the chaser clan.
Finaly, Karen & Neil , Without whos help,encoragement I probably would not have been brave enough to attempt an activation. 73s SAFE DESCENT`S

Congrat’s on your first activation Bob…But don’t get too comfy in those slippers tho’, as I’m sure that Karen will not let you rest on your laurels!

Great to se that ‘activators grin’ on your face as the contacts came in!!!

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Well done with your first activation Bob, sorry I didn’t get you in my Log but nothing heard here:(

You may be a bit like me, a chaser that sometimes goes up hills to do some chasing and activates a summit while there?


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Many Thank`s for all postings,It was a great day & night(it got
dark very early),slightly wet,but, we did miss the heavy downpour,
which came as we drove away.

Well done Bob. It was really nice to have a chat at the rally. Would have loved to worked you on your first activation, maybe next time. Thanks for your call on GW/NW-070.

Best 73
Mike 2E0YYY

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Congratulation Bob on your 1st activation, not worked you yet but hope to in the coming days.

Terry G0VWP

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Well done Bob,sorry not to catch you but keep at it and maybe we’ll hear that well known call sign coming at us from our Lakeland fells

73, and ( Safe Descents ), Derek

Hi Bob
Just back from LD with Jill and the boys. Really sorry I missed your activation - I would have loved to add you to my chaser tally, which has just scraped over the 1000 mark!!
Next time…