G4YSS: WAB Sq. OV00 (NOT SOTA). G4SSH Update

G4SSH Update.

Just in case someone thinks it’s a SOTA. Also for WAB chasers

I plan to be on the air tomorrow - Good Friday 19-04-19 using the club call GX0OOO/ P but this is NOT a summit.

Worked-all-Britain (WAB) Square 0V00 is seldom activated and located at the base of a 500 ft cliff. It is completely in the North sea at high tide. As things stand at the moment, 2.2 miles of rocky foreshore must be covered to get in and out. 50 Watts to a dipole.

Frequencies as follows: 3.760, 7.160, & 14.260 to 14.285 MHz. SSB. There is likely to be a controlled net running on 3.760 if condx are good. If so, they will already have a list but near the end they will ask for check-in’s.

Estimated times:

Arrive 08:00,
Set up antennas and equipment.
09:45 QRV
11:00 Low tide
12:25 QRT and leave before the area is submerged.

73 John

WAB Reflector (also used for real-time updates (spots)

There are a few photos of the 100ft high lower cliff at the foot of this 2006 article but that route is now defunct:

Our friend Roy G4SSH is out of Combe Hay and a little better in himself but when we went to the hospital this morning an X-Ray confirmed a broken jaw, probably from falls in November. It can be lived with but meat seems all the tougher. He can’t walk much more than 20 paces, then gets back pain. His Parkinson’s causes shaking, not good for CW and he sometimes gets a bit muddled. He also has anaemia and ongoing T2 diabetes. He has carers in (four but from today that’s reduced to) three times a day so much to his relief, he can live at home. He now has a device to call for help and cameras to check him. His daughter & son have done all they can but they live away.

Thanks to a second handrail he can now get up to the shack and has worked the middle east on 20m a few days ago and sometimes listens for SOTA too. I’ve checked and he doesn’t mind me telling you all this. His car will be up for sale. A sad state of affairs compared to last year!

If I survive OV00, I plan to be at the rally next Sunday. It would be good if Roy could come too but at the moment he thinks it would be too much.

BCNU - 73, John.


Thanks for the update John, I am hoping to be out mobile to try and work you, noise level at the home QTH, is too high, your efforts to put OV00 on the air again, are much appreciated.
Sorry to hear about Roy,


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Sorry to hear about Roy, John. I hope to see you at Blackpool and sell you another fist full of pens! I hope to work you tomorrow, but it looks as though it may be on your re-visit to 80m as I have to take Judith to the hairdressers around the time you’re due to appear.

For those that believe in such things, we also have a Facebook page where spots will appear.

73, Dave, G4IAR, currently GB2ABG.

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If he can make it, then we will have a chair for him on the SOTA stand and he spend all day there if he wants.

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Thanks for the replies.

Hope we make it David but I think condx were poor on 80 this aft, on my mobile at least.

Dave: Yes please, I will buy some pens and maybe a cup. I haven’t been a member of Facebook since 2009 but I can see the thread OK. Thanks.

Andy: Thanks, I’ll tell Roy that. His daughter goes back to London this Saturday. Hope he can cope. One bit of news. Ted across the road has bought Roy’s Volvo (minus the G4SSH number plate of course).

WAB reflector is updated. We’ll see what happens,
73, John.

Big thanks again John

So wicked to catch you on 80m and 40m made lot people well happy as many of us its a first time

Karl 2E0FEH


Hi all and thank you for all the comments,

Just for the sake of completeness, there is now a report on the WAB reflector for the activation of OV00 on 19-04-19. Link below…

Also, thanks for all who signed the card for Roy G4SSH at Blackpool Rally on Sunday and to Andy MM0FMF for providing it. Roy is not having too good a time at the moment and it certainly did cheer him up.

73, John.