G4YSS: Trip to Birmingham

Off to see my Aunt (95) who lives in Northfield plus cousins in Hallesowen, Selly Oak etc. Staying in Bournville.

I was surprised when Nick G4OOE told me that that there was a hill nearby called Walton Hill, CE2 so I packed the gear in case there’s any spare time. (Very much XYL/ relatives dependent - schedule yet TBD).

We are only there 2 full days (Thur/ Fri 28th & 29th March-19) plus Wednesday evening today (27th.) I have ‘dreams’ of a Top Band evening or a quick 2m-FM in daylight. Don’t know when but either way it would be opportunistic, a short notice alert, no notice at all or it won’t happen?

Sorry to be so vague. My XYL is not best pleased about this and you’ll quite likely never hear another thing.
73, John

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There’s plenty of room on Walton Hill for a top band antenna and tracks that are easy to follow in the dark. There are even a couple of rustic benches to sit on whilst operating! Needless to say I will be keeping an eye on the spots.

Clent Hills / Walton Hill - great! Weds or Thurs evening please John If at all possible, not here on Friday but remember THE ACTIVATOR IS KING… c’est la vie!

Just a 7 minute walk up from the car park when I went there in 2013 - lightweight 2m kit only carried. Lots of antenna fixture points on this little hill.

You should hear Brian booming in on this one…

73 Phil

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You surprise me John. I’d have expected you to be much more experienced, and accordingly skilful in these matters!

ALWAYS - buy the XYL a romantic gift, take her out for dinner, do a lovely non-SOTA walk with her the day before, etc etc, just BEFORE springing any mention of an opportunistic SOTA activation on her! This is basic stuff!

I’m also astonished you had no awareness of G/CE-002 after your 16/17 years in SOTA; it’s in the list of top 50 most activated SOTA summits in the world! Situated where it is just off the M5 in Birmingham, it’s an “every year” SOTA summit for me, as there will always be at least one occasion I have reason to drive beside it!


Hi John

I am not surprised that you haven’t done this one before now as usually one pointers aren’t part of your MO but after activating G/TW-004 recently everything is now up for grabs! You could also squeeze in G/CE-004 Bardon Hill near the M1 to double your score! Anyway, I wish you a safe descent.


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I see an alert for top band - lovely, there’s nothing I want to watch on the idiot box!

Brian, Phil, Tom, Nick,

Thanks for the encouragement and advice. Think it’s got to be tonight (Wed 27th). See alert.

XYL now happy. I got us a takeaway pizza. No expense spared.

I was favouring the path from the NE but will revert to the ‘normal’ N one if I can’t suss the NE in the dark. Apparently the N one is muddy but there’s a fence to follow (info from G4OBK blog – thanks Phil).

OK on the benches. My goodness, benches!! Hope to see you for a second one pointer in succession. That’s if I get the point. I didn’t last time but what’s a point between friends?

Now I just have to deliver.
Hpe CU,
73, John

Taking pocket 2W H/H. 145.4 or 145.5 for on way up. Looking like I may be a bit late. Traffic??

That would have been my local hill if I’d discover SOTA when I lived I’m Brum. Too far away now for 2m FM and no home QTH HF antennae, so will just wish you a successful activation :+1: enjoy!


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Thanks Bob,

It was a good activation. 8 on 160m CW and 13 on 160m SSB. Slow start but came good in the end. 50W to an inv-vee at 6m centre. Worked: G; GW; GI; EI; OH; DL; PA & F (see log - G4YSS). Can’t remember doing a ‘Top Band ONLY’ before.

90 minutes at the summit. 7C. No wind to speak of. Nice summit, easy path, quick ascent.

Many thanks to all stations who came up. Sorry to the station sending ‘Nil’ in CW who didn’t succeed. Better luck next time.

73, John

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Well that’s how it turned out in the end. I did look on 14MHz and intended to try 3.760 but WAB’ers were on 1.985 but came down for me. Wonderful chaps!

By the way the £500 per week I told you was (as you thought) wrong. Bill is £1,027 for 1st 8-days. Roy hopes to be back home on 1st April with help coming in. Central heating finished along with new bathroom. Hope he can cope.

Off bed now. XYL tired. Brownie point to re earn tomorrow,
73, John