G4YSS: Planned Pen-y-Ghent Grandson campover, 17-18 Aug-15

This evening my Grandson Jack (7) & I will be attempting Pen-y-Ghent for an overnight camp in support of his Beavers camping badge. I will be taking a 2W - H/H (for 145.5/ 145.4) and a vertical J-Pole and hope to be on the air briefly in the late evening is circumstances allow. I may have to wait until he’s asleep?

We may not get there at all of course. Jack has never camped or walked up a mountain before. I chose NP10 for the crag route which may help give some interest or otherwise? We plan to arrive about 7:30pm and stay until 9 or 10 am the next day. I don’t need to qualify as I have already done NP10 during the winter. Radio is secondary or not at all.

After trying several times, I can’t get an alert to ‘stick’ on sotawatch.

73, John G4YSS

If you have mobile phone coverage then give me a quick call (or text) at any time and I will put a spot on SOTA Watch for you.