G4YSS: EA8/M1NNN La Palma, Canaries

Tnx to chasers and especially Roy G4SSH in making EA8/LP-002 & LP-003 successfull. 133 and 116 QSO’s respectively. Surprising condx on HF bands, particularly 10FM (Italy on 500mW with 80mW coming back.)

LP1 planned for Monday 14-04-14. Severe flux density limits at telescope installations will limit power to 1W at about 200m or 2.5W at more than 300m if that’s possible. Need to find true summit and research 25m down rule for max power. Both LP2 and LP3 - summit positions were found to be severely in error.

Hope 11z plus/ minus 1 hour. For want of anything better I plan to start on 24.907CW & 24.967SSB. That may change. I will try to contact and update G4SSH. Apologies in advance for miniscule signal. There is a posiibility that I will not be allowed to operate or that I might be stopped. I hope to work as many as possible but it won’t be easy for chasers. I understand and in order to get best results from power available, I may use 15m and or 10m if I am not prevented.

Thanks for all your chases so far. The last two were strenuous. This one I can drive up but it is 2 to 2.5 hrs from hotel, one way.

73, John (G4YSS) EA8/M1NNN ((GX0OOO))

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Hi John,
Thanks for the update, I will certainly look for you and trust that you, at least, make the four contacts required.
Don [G0NES]

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Hello John,

I have sent you 3 recordings of your 10 FM adventure. Very amazing signal on 1w and 5w ~ BBC Radio 4!

Thank you very very much for your efforts.

I will listen out for you on 001 ~ cw/ssb. Good luck 8)

Mike G6TUH

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Update 0830z Monday 14th April

John is at the car park about 25m from the summit.

Weather sunny 3c frosty, wind 5mph.

Starting survey. (Approx 1 hour before QRV)


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Hello John…
Many thanks for 2 summits from EA8/M1NNN/p and i will listen for you on next LP-001 on the 12m CW/SSB.
Vy 73 de Rob(ert) SP8RHP.GL!.

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John active at 1000z on 24.907 MHz CW

Weak but workable at my QTH 339/559

Low power as telescope is directly in line with the UK


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Worked from the bike at Belthorn, 559 both ways. now quiet on 24.907, possibly QSY.

Edit: Back at work now, I was surprised to hear John as well as I did on 24.907 using an end fed half wave vertical on the back of my bike from Belthorn, near Blackburn.

I was probably being generous with my 559 but despite QSB John was perfect copy, even without headphones stood at the side of the road.

I had a quick listen through the other bands before I set off back to work & 15m & 17m should be a lot easier, at least for G chasers.

Thanks Roy for the heads up & of course to John for the summit!

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

73 Mark G0VOF

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John is having problems with 1w and poor propagation on the higher bands. He will stay on 18092-cw and 18132-ssb whilst awaiting the higher bands to open.

To add to his problems he has a huge raven sat on his knee pecking at his rig and snatching his log and maps. He is after John’s cheese sandwiches.

73 Roy

No problem copying John’s 1W 559 (with QSB) on 18092!

73, Barry N1EU

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John reports that thick fog covering the valley has crept up to cover the summit, at 1300.

So nobody can see him now.


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Brilliant (?) move. Got John at last on 24.907! 73 and thanks.

Mike, EI2CL.

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So nobody can see him now.

Heh. Pretty hard to hear, too, once he moved to SSB. The QSB was in severely “interesting” territory, with his signal going between S5 and nothing, and intermittent added QRM and QRN sometimes up to S9. It made interesting listening even if I didn’t manage to make a contact.

73, Rick M0LEP

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John went QRT at 1523z. Poor conditions on the higher bands. Nil heard on 29 MHz FM.

All three EA8/LP summits now activated for the first time.

Possibility of a repeat activation later in the week before return home at the weekend

Thanks to all.


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All three EA8/LP summits now activated for the first time.

Excellent effort! 73, Rick M0LEP

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Hello John & Roy,
Thanks very much for the spotting Roy - good job.

John thanks for the three summits, well done. It was very good that you went through all the bands cw/ssb - it gives everyone a chance. A lot of time and effort put in by you and much appreciated by me.

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

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Update from John 0930 Tuesday 15th April

Thanks to all chasers for struggling with my 1w signals in poor conditions on EA8/LP-001.

WX at summit was 3c with frost at 0900z and 13c at 1300

The summit was clear when I started the descent and I dropped thick cloud and rain at 1700m but back into sunshine at 500m. Hands sunburnt but otherwise OK.

55 QSO’s total

12m CW - 20
17m CW - 11
17m ssb - 3
15m cw - 6
15m ssb - 5
12m ssb - 10

2m and 29 MHz FM - Nil
Arrests - Nil

John G4YSS / EA8/M1NNN

Many thanks John it was worth the struggle on ssb,much appreciated.Have a good stay.
Thanks to Roy for the spotting.
73 Don G0RQL.

In reply to ALL
For the 4th & final time, tnx to all chasers and especially Roy G4SSH who gave up his day again. EA8/LP-002 made a further 124 QSO’s to add to the 133 of 8 days ago. LP-003 made 116 QSO’s respectively and LP1 - by far the most difficult if one is to comply with flux density limits - made just 55. In the conditions prevailing that wasn’t bad but I am sorry for those who couldn’t hear me. At least the physical effort of LP1 was low - in fact close to nil which made a reactivation of LP2 desireable to balance hotel food intake!

I managed to drive the hire car an extra 1.1km today but was defeated by loose volcanic gravel. Up time was reduced to 1hr-46min. WX was very pleasant indeed after beating the sun (well almost) to the summit. Tomorrow is our last full day so it’s down to more mundane (XYL-driven) matters.

73 to all who have supported these activations, 18 months in the planning. Your company was much appreciated. Reports later.

All the best,
John G4YSS
(Back to GX0OOO/P soon)

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Many thanks for an excellent expedition to John, John’s XYL and Roy.

73 de Ken G3XQE