G4YSS Alerts for Wed 21-02-07

Below are my intentions for tomorrow, Wed 21-02-07:

LD-006 Pillar, 09:45, 3.725 CW/SSB. (3 hr walk-in)
LD-014 Kirk Fell, 12:30, As above
LD-005 Gt.Gable, 16:00, As above. (Tricky retreat)

Ref: Yahoo 13503 (G4YSS G/LD ‘big rounds.’) for all above.

I may be quite a bit out with times and QRG will be + / - ragchew.

I posted these three 8-pointers for tomorrow but they ‘disappeared into the ether.’ None appeared on the list of alerts within 2 hours, despite the fact that everything else was as normal. I tried opening a new account but it didn’t help. Puzzled???

John G4YSS.
(Using GX0OOO/P)

In reply to G4YSS:
Have put them in for you John.
Can’t let you miss a pile up :slight_smile:

Rooger G4OWG

In reply to G4OWG:

Thank you very much for your help Roger. Now I hope I can ‘deliver.’ I will do my best to keep-to, or advance the times as a 3 am start from Scarborough places me back at Honister at 18:20.

If I can gain some time from somewhere, it would be nice to use it to offer 7.032 CW as an ‘extra’ at lunchtime. I will only know when 80m is finished on LD14.

My 160m coils have been removed from the rucksack. Main (slight) concerns as before, are the Kirkfell Gully and the Gt.Gable retreat in possible failing daylight.

BCNU, 73,