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G4YSS 1000 WB Points

Congratulations to John G4YSS (GX0OOO) on being the first activator to reach 1000 Winter Bonus points, on G/LD-004, the last day of the Winter Bonus season 2014-2015.
This is a personal milestone that has taken him many years and a great deal of discomfort to accomplish, usually under the most unfavourable conditions.

A magnificent achievement indeed, with many early expedition starts, and descents in the dark. Many thanks for all the points John, especially on top band.



Fantastic achievement John. I remember well the day you took me up Helvellyn to get some of those WB points - hi hi!


Congrats Dad. Great to work you today.

Very well done John, excellent achievement.

73 de Mick M0MDA

Well done John. I suppose we need a “SOTA Polar Bear” award now

Colin G8TMV

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Congratulations John on achieving 1000 winter bonus points. A very good achievement. I have been a bit of a wimp this winter and not got any winter bonus points at all during this current winter. I have found it just too cold when walking to work each day, let alone the mountains.

Jimmy M0HGY

Wow, a great achievement. Well Done

Surely Yeti would be more appropriate?


Actually, yes, it probably would. You are the second person to mention that.


Well done :blush:
What next ?

Congratulations on the truly excellent achievement John. It will be a while before anyone manages to reach this level and many of us “mere mortals” probably never will.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Top 5 activators by bonus points:

G4YSS 999
DL2HSC 867
G1INK 738
GM7PKT 720
OK2PDT 660

Hi and thanks for all the comments.

Yes, I think we do need a name and the MT are considering it. Plenty of time though. It’s all locked in 'till December. Safety could be a possible issue for not encouraging it and after the journey I have had, I fully respect that.

It certainly takes a long time and there will be many faster than the13 years it’s taken! Many other activators know how much ‘pain’ is involved but it’s something I have been steadily aiming at since March 2003 which is why I am so happy to do as many repeats as I can as close to home as possible. It also helps that I don’t like summer very much. Sunshine ‘flattens’ me but energy increases the colder it gets.

What next? Nothing too challenging. I hope it will be more Top Band and more HF in general. I also love summit campovers and putting on GM/NS ‘newies’ though they are becoming an endangered species! One day/ one summit is also a big attraction after all the cramming that has been required lately. Also we have CT9/ M1NNN/P coming up from April 1st from Madeira but it’s also a family holiday.

All I can say is, 'Thanks for all the QSO’s and also to Roy G4SSH for his support.

Hpe cuagn sn,
73, John