G4WSB 500+ Completes - first G activator

Perhaps I have missed something but I don’t recall anyone congratulating Bill, G4WSB, on reaching 500 completed summits and being first G to do so. This is only number four world-wide if I read the data lists correctly.

If I did miss the original congratulations my apologies; consider them added to here. Many congratulations, Bill.



Hearty congrats Bill and many thanks for your considerable dedication in working me when I’ve been activating :slight_smile: Hope to be helping you on your way to 1000 before too long…

73 de Paul G4MD

Well done Bill!

Yes, congrats from me also Bill on your success in Ireland recently taking you past the 500 mark. I hope to be joining the 500+ Completes club myself also very soon!

73 Phil

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Sounds impressive and certainly well done Bill and must be a Major milestone in the Activator side of things .
But some one please Explain this to me please and the being only G to do this as well as stated.

Jolly well done Bill G4WSB.


Well done Bill on your 500 completes.

Hi Karl
To get a SOTA Complete you need to chase the identical summit which you activate.

73 Phil

Oh right. Thanks for that information Phil.
Oh my, that is a good one.
So i have 1 point me self on that score with G/DC-003 LOL.

That,s is interesting and a challenge in it’s self.
Bit of a downer you can’t be in two places at once in this case, thankfully not :wink:

So whats the title on this one when you hit 1000 summits Chased/Activated completes.


Well done Bill,hope to see you on the next 500.73 Don.

Congratulations and well done Bill. Good to be able work you on a number of summits making it possible for me to increase my Completes tally. Thanks also for the useful advice on the access to a number of the summits which has been / will be used to good effect. Hope to catch you on a few more.

73, Gerald G4OIG

Hi Bill
Well done on achieving such a major milestone!

That is a lot of midges and cups of tea, congrats Bill !
Thanks for the many Qs.


Congrats Bill. Thanks for all the chases, s2s and the ‘meet ups’ along your journey. Da iawn ti. Hwyl

Allan GW4VPX

Well done Bill, fantastic achievement. Always a pleasure to contact you on a summit.

73 Andrew G4AFI

Hi Bill
Very well done, a sterling achievement , and many thanks for all the contacts along the way.
I wonder what this is in terms of mileage ??.
Cheers Ken G0FEX

After you logon to the database you can go to view results / my results / my SOTA completes - or simply to SOTA Database and you’ll see how many completes you have.

500 is a LOT! - I’ve just managed 30.

Well done Bill - always a pleasure to work you whether I’m chasing or activating.

73 Ed.

Well done Bill.

73’s David