G4VFL completes "G/"

G4VFL finally got “G/” complete on Saturday 12/9/2020

Some stats:-

First Summit G/SE-005 Botley Hill 27/12/2009

Last Summit G/SC-003 Beacon Batch 12/09/2020

Some summits were used as contest sites for the UKAC so have an unusual high number of QSOs the list below contains a summary of both totals.

The 7MHz were some early G/SE summits once I moved to the Lakes and got serious I moved to 2m plus other VHF+ bands.

Bands       QSOs              Non Contest QSOs

7MHz        96                96

50MHz       158               50

70MHz       605               589

144MHz      2076              1664

433MHz      401               131

1240MHz     278               196

2.3GHz      129               66

The kit for the most part has been the Wouxun 950 / 980 with a LiPo 4S batt and vertical dipoles on 2m and 4m at 4m AGL. 23cm and 13cm has been the SG-LABs xverter driven from a FM Handi, the antennas being a yagi.

Chasers with more than 50 “G/” Summits






Many thanks to all the chasers who would be too numerous to list, without you I could have never activated any of the summits.

73 de

Andrew G4VFL


Congratulations Andrew on activating all of the “G” SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY
G - Association Manager

Congratulations Andrew. Great to bump into you during these last few activations.

Hi Andrew,

Congratulations on completing all of G. Many thanks for all the 2m, 4m and 23cm contacts.

73’s Geoff


Well done Andrew. Having done Tarn Crag last autumn I have activated all but the new Hensbarrow Down, I think. It will be a while before I get there - we did the Beacon some time back so I don’t feel much urgency in doing the substitute. :unamused:
Wales next? Or have you already done it?

Congratulations Andrew, welcome to the club! Wonder how big the ‘club’ is these days? Considerable achievement, no doubt about it - respect!

Hello Andrew
Congratulations on your achievement - well done!
Nick G4OOE

Congratulations Andrew, well done, some of the last ones must have been difficult considering the bad weather we have had of late.

Good stuff Andrew. Now I need you to visit assorted GM/SS summits so I can complete them on any band but preferably 13cms. :slight_smile:

Enjoy having completed G, there are few members in that club.

Hearty congratulations Andrew on a splendid result.
Thanks for the many QSOs and S2S

Welcome to our smallish club! It’s worth having a target and well done on your achievment.

73 Phil G4OBK