G4TJC Mountain Goat today

Congratulations to Simon G4TJC on reaching Mountain Goat status this morning on Rhobell Fawr GW/NW-021.

His fourth contact in the log to give him the points was his wife Helen 2E0VMD/p who braved the elements and walked up a hill close to their home…perfect timing :slight_smile:

Llongyfarchiadau Simon.

Happy Mountain Goat with Allan GW4VPX


Great to talk to you too, Allan! The card and the badge were a lovely touch :blush:
73 Helen 2E0VMD


I was hoping for a contact but was not on air in time. However, I wish to contrast the weather… I was sat in upwards of 8in(200mm) of snow but with significant amounts of blue sky and it was T-shirt weather for some time. Seriously, I was sat with no fleece, hat or gloves in the snow topping up my tan!

Well done young man!


Congratulations to Simon on reaching MG Status, well done, a milestone for you.
73’s Ken G0FEX

Well done Simon, and well deserved.

73 Neil M0WBG

Congratulations Simon! Excellent choice of summit and sherpa :smile:



Congratulations Simon on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Hi Simon,
After all your good activating work taking you to MG, I’ve chased you only twice.
On the other hand, you have chased me 9 times.
Anyway, thank you very much for the QSOs and keep up the good work.


Well done on the Mountain Goat, Simon and thanks for the (eventual) s2s in the process. Nice hill for the significant activation tho it looks even colder up there than it was on Titterstone a little later in the day.


I completely didn’t suss that this was your MG activation when we made S2S this morning - you were my first QSO on a very snowy Black Hill G/SP-002.

Lovely touch from Allan to prepare that card, and a lovely touch that Helen was your MG QSO.

Excellent - congratulations.

Very well done Simon, congratulations
73 Csaba, YO6PIB

I’m happy for you Simon, congrats on your achievement !
73 Luc - ON7DQ

Well done Simon congratulations on the MG. 73 Don.

Well done Simon! Great work.

73 Mike

Congrats Simon! Great effort, thanks for the S2S’s enroute to the MG. Shame I couldn’t work you yesterday - I could hear you both, but I don’t think you could hear me.


Congratulations Simon! Very well done :slight_smile:

73, Colin

Many congratulations Simon on the MG (and to Allan for the brilliant card and photo). I was devastated not to get the S2S with you from G/WB-002 (Brown Clee Hill with those masts) but having left the filter in the car (Dumbo!) I could only hear part of your replies and, with so many other people contacting you, it was not feasible to persevere. I did try for you on 433.475 (not affected by the masts) but I never heard you but I had a feeling I was pushing it with the Arans in the way - I think Helen was a bit nearer (or had more power). Better luck next time. I am so glad that you found a good summit and suitable (brrh) weather. Welcome to the goatfold!
73 Viki M6BWA

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Congratulations Simon

Thanks for the many contacts on VHF over the years! Glad that you had the company of Allan and Val on the Mountain!

73 and Welcome to the Herd

Matt G8XYJ

Congratulations Simon, Sorry I was not around to chase but had to go out with the xyl so I missed you and Alan. Did look for you when I got back but no luck.


Congratulations Simon, Great achievement.

I worked Allan on GW/NW-021 S2S from G/NP003 following a heads up from G8ADD.
I am still a few short of the back legs but the gap is closing.

Gud stuff
David G0EVV
They say “Take nothing but photographs and leave nothing but footprints”

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