G4SSH Joins Supersloth Elite

Heartfelt congratulations to Roy G4SSH on becoming the tenth member of the elite Supersloth club. I wonder if you achieved it on CW only Roy?

Well done Roy on this terrific achievement.

vy 73


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Well done Roy - and all on CW too - many many congrats on this terrific achievement and continued thanks for all the spots you have made.
73 de Cris

Congratulations Roy - well done!

You must also qualify for the “Most Miskeyed Callsign Award”. Apologies for my abysmal effort from NP-030 last weekend - I’m glad you recognised that I was replying to you!

73, Gerald

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Congrats Roy ,What an outstanding achievement,!

Many congratulations Roy !
What an achievement on CW and you must be qualified for the “SOTA-SUPER-SPOTER-AWARD” as well.
Many tnx for all and hope to cuagn.

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congratulations to Roy G4SSH on this terrific achievement.

73 M3PXW Barry (The Whippet)

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Well done Roy on this terrific achievement congratulations.


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hi roy

congrats and super spotter too thats dedication for others thanks .


Congratulations Roy !!


Big congrats Roy!! 10.000 CW points, that´s really a great place on top
of the CW chaser. Good luck for the future.

vy 73, Heinz, DL7RAG

In reply to GW0DSP:

Many thanks to all for the good wishes which are much appreciated. It is a privilege and an honour to have made it into the SOTA “Top 10”. I may be the first to make 10,000 points all CW, but with the increase in interest in this mode I am sure that I will not be the last.

Yes Mike - these were all CW contacts, because this is the mode which still gives me such satisfaction and pleasure after 55 years of use. I also find that concentrating on a single mode allows me to limit SOTA chasing time to fit in with a normal life.

The seven dots in my callsign suffix are worth a couple of S-points at times Gerald, especially under weak and fading conditions, when the string of dots is easy to recognise.

Fine about the SSB spots Mick. I realise that it must be difficult and frustrating for non-CW ops to know when an activation on CW is QSY’ing to SSB and popular activators such as Klaus can spend more than an hour on CW.

It has taken me slightly less than two years to reach this milestone and I have made many on-air friends both in the UK and throughout Europe. I am a firm believer in putting something back into whatever aspect of a hobby that I enjoy - at the age of 70+ I am not going to be climbing mountains - but I can spot SOTA’s for the benefit of others, even though I may not be able to contact some of the weaker EU stations myself, and I can write a monthly CW report for the interest of members and interested non members.


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Congratulations Roy & well done.
Also many thaks for the spots

73 Graham G4JZF