G4OOE/P, Mountain Goat Status

Congratulations to Nick on achieving Mountain Goat Status from Blencathra, G/LD-008.

Well done Nick,

73, Derek


Yes, many congratulations Nick. I missed you on the big one, but pleased to get you on the tiddler. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

Congrats Nick, our first QSO was in 2013. Since then the contacts have been when you have been climbing about abroad, You must get out more :wink:
Best wishes

Congratulations Nick on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

Many Congratulations and well deserved Nick.

Congratulations on the MG Nick well done.


Hi Nick, I would also like to add my congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat. Well Done!


Hi Nick,

Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat on Blencathra.


Geoff GM4WHA

many congratulations Nick ! Well done !

73 Klaus DF2GN

Congratulations Nick, well done. Thanks for the many summits along the way.

73 for now
Victor GI4ONL

Congratulations Nick on achieving your MG status.


Allan GW4VPX

Congratulations Nick.
Thanks for the contacts along the way.
Well done.

Well done Nick and thanks for the many contacts both to and from summits along the way.
Hope for lots more to come.

Thank you all for your kind remarks. With retirement on the horizon I am looking forward to working towards my next thousand points!

Nick G4OOE

Fine Business, Nick.

Be looking forward to many s2s when you retire.

73 Mike

Dear Nick!
Congratulations on achieving Mountain Goat! I always remember our joint-venture on ZH-015!
I wish you for your next 1k good luck, good health, enjoy the beautiful mountain-scinery and if you come back to HB9, we have to activate a “real mountain”.
73 de Jürg & xyl

Well done Nick. Congratulations.

Dear Juerg

I will always remember my first SOTA activation with you on your local hill Altberg, HB9/ZH-015. What a thrill it was to climb the tower and work my old friends G4SSH & G0NUP from Switzerland and also the opportunity to meet many new friends including G4OBK with whom I have shared many adventures! I may take you up on your offer one day to accompany you on a real mountain - hi hi and hopefully some of the xyl’s delicious apple cake It was great to meet up with you again at FN and I did enjoy the chocolate - thanks!

73 to you both

Hi Nick
Congrats on your M/G.

73 Colin Rli hotel Lancaster

Hi Nick

Finally got going with the new Reflector !
After your initial conditioning programme with me in LD recently I was delighted to learn that you bagged a decent last summit [ Blencathra ] to acheive your MG badge . Excellent acheivement so you can press on now to your double MG as you tick off the rest of your " still to do " Lakeland SOTA summits .

Hope you keep fit and active as retirement beckons


73 de Geoff