G4OBK - successfully completing G completes!

Congratulations Phil on completing your G completes, i.e. all of England’s SOTA summits as chaser and activator!



Congratulations Phil on activating all the G SOTA summits.

Jimmy M0HGY

Well done Phil! One of the true gentlemen on the air and thoroughly deserved - a substantial achievement.

Best 73


(What’s he gonna do next? :wink: )

Terrific! Congratulations. It takes real dedication.
73 Jim

Hi Phil,

Well done indeed! Now I understand what the mega enthusiasm was all about. Looking forward to a rest? Somehow I doubt it knowing you!
73, John

Congrats Phil. Next ON?

Great stuff Phil. You join a small club of 7 (I think). Welcome!

Congratulations & well done Phil!

Thanks also for the odd Top Band contact along the way :smile:

Thanks & best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Congratulations on a magnificent achievement, Phil.


Congratulations Phil…great work…well done !

73 Klaus

Hi Phil

Congratulations on your latest achievement. No doubt you’ve got another challenge in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Allan GW4VPX

Wow, that is some achievement, 186 approx summits the length and width of the England,s land.

Well done that man, big pat on the back.

How long did it take to do may I ask?


Congratulations Phil.
Great final push to complete. You should sleep well for the next few nights. Good effort.

Congratulations on finishing all the G SOTAs Phil


Congratulations Phil.
73 Angel

Congratulations Phil on your immense achievement. He’s in a club of one actually because he’s activated all SOTA G, all 214 Wainwrights and all the 168 Wainwright outlying fells. There’s only HEMA G summits to do ;-D.

Well done
David M0YDH

Congratulations on activating all G summits. A fantastic achievement.

73’s Geoff GM4WHA

Just have a look on the SOTA Database Karl.

Let me add my congrats to the long list here. Welll done Phil. What’s the next challenge - all GW, - is that even possible, are all accessible, I believe some GM summits are very difficult if not impossibe to access.

Perhaps you could take a “break” and knock off the 5 on GD first?

73 Ed.