G4OBK Prague to Friedrichshafen

Encouraged after reading Luc’s @ON7DQ report on his tour, here is part 1 of my report on a road trip from Prague to Friedrichshafen and back, activating 36 summits en-route in Czech Republic and Germany.

Part 1 is here:



Hello Phil @G4OBK and Victor @GI4ONL. Thanks for the first part of the report. You had a great time and experienced a lot so far :mountain: :goat: :beers: I’m looking forward to the second part. I always find it exciting to read reports from summits where you have been yourself. Everything seems to have been well planned and worked out so far :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Thank you for the encouragement Marcel. I’ll carry on writing. There are far too many summits to write up every one, so I intend choosing my favourite five I got photos of on the trip that I found the most interesting and writing about those. Part 2 and 3 to follow.

73 Phil G4OBK


Thanks Phil, I’m looking forward to a few days SOTAing in the Low Countries and France next year (between Rugby World Cup matches). Some easy 10 pointers will make a pleasant change!
Thanks for the contact today, I was glad not to have to put the HF aerial up.

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Thanks for the reports Phil. It’s always interesting to see reports for some of the peaks I have activated myself in that area, particularly the listening station. When I was there, they had closed the viewing platform on safety grounds :disappointed:. I’m currently on the road myself and heading to Bresica tomorrow, where I shall be staying well away from the 37° heat in an air conditioned villa I have booked. When the heat abates, hopefully on Sunday, I will head up to Alto Adige and then back into Austria. Looking forward to part 3.
73 de HB9/OE6FEG/P

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Hi Matt,

Sounds like you are in for a nice holiday with SOTA addition. Sounds good to me.

Andy - I bet you are looking forward to going through Europe for a Rugby SOTA Tour in 2023. Every route leads to a SOTA somewhere along the way!

Here is Part 3 which goes on a bit so there will have to be a Part 4 to finish the story, in a few days time…

73 Phil


Concluding my report of the tour in late June early July:

73 Phil G4OBK / OK8CDX


Thanks for the report Phil. Seeing all your photos was just too much: I booked myself a cosy little appartement in Zwiesel for the end of October; only €262 for 7 nights and free cancellation if the weather takes a nose dive.
73 de OE6FEG


HI Matt

Great value the place in Zweisel, a little south east from where Victor and I stayed in Grafenweisen. Plenty of high scoring summits within easy reach. I hope you get good weather and you make the tour

73 Phil

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