G4OBK/P not G/TW-003 on HF

Dear All

I spotted myself on G/TW-003 in error around 1200z today. If you worked me then you worked G/TW-001 (Still only one point!).

The only activity by G4OBK/P today from G/TW-003 was on 2m FM this morning around 0900z when 4 QSOs were completed using a handheld to work stations in the North East of England.

Please check your log if you worked me today around midday. Logs going into database when I have enjoyed a hot shower!

73 Phil


I did try listening Phil but on 20m you went over my head! Hope you had a good activation. :slight_smile:

Hi John

Yes the nearest in I worked I guess was @GI4ONL and @EI6FR, although from where G/TW-001 is Belgium is probably nearer @ON6ZQ worked. Not sure where Lars @SA4BLM is in Sweden, I ought to know! The usual suspects were worked - there were very few calls in the 39 QSOs (20m 37) that were not known to me. The cold wind got to me after 30 mins or so and I went QRT without trying other bands. Back home by 1500z for a pint mug of tea and biscuits. I knew @g4ooe and @g3tqq were going on to G/TW-002 which is about 4 miles away. So we made easy S2S QSOs with our 2m handhelds before we moved on to HF.

73 Phil G4OBK


Hi Phil, thanks for the contact today, I noticed the discrepancy on Sotawatch and I was in doubt if it was appropriate to send something like β€œREF?”, but at the end I logged the correct summit.

See you on air, Carlo

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Nice to have spoken to you, no matter what summit.
73 Chris

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