G4OBK G4OOE M6PYG in Lakeland this weekend

On account of this weekends dire weather forecast for the west side of the country we have cancelled all our previously listed SOTA & WOTA activations.

We will still be in the Lake District in Patterdale (me until Sunday)and Geoff & Nick (moving then to Borrowdale) until Tuesday and we will activate whatever we can do in light of the condx prevailing. We should manage Arnison Crag and possible Hallin Fell if the roads are passable and maybe others depending on the amount of lying snow and what is coming out of the sky at the time…

On Saturday we are attending the Wainwright Society Walk and AGM at Staveley.

73 Phil (OBO of us all)

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Wise decision Phil, Nick & Geoff. Could be windy too. It’s usually better than this by now. Enjoy what you can access and stay safe. 73, John.

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Thanks John. We’ve got as far as the bar of the Patterdale Hotel.
At least we got here though, via Newcastle & Carlisle!
Phil G4OBK

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Oh 'ek. While walking across Oliver’s Mount yesterday in a mean wind, I did hear on R.York that the A66 was blocked by several jackknifed trucks and closed from Brough to Scotch Corner. Must have taken ages to go around that far but at least it’s a change, if that’s any consolation!

The George Fisher cam for Skid shows snow right down into Keswick today and there`s loads on Helvellyn. It was in Coniston Village too.

MWIS Sunday has 40 to 65mph with snow flurries. Minus 5 with windchill minus 22. Viz is better in west where you might get 70% cloud free and a bit of sun. Monday & Tuesday improve. Tuesday looks pretty good but Monday still a bit windy. No snow here.

Hope it clears up for you soon, meanwhile stay in the bar!!
73, John.

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Thanks John:

Coming over we had to avoid a jack-knifed lorry on Sutton Bank, we heard the announcement in time on Radio York so were able to divert. Then we heard about the A66 being blocked so we drove up the A1 to Newcastle and along the A69 to Carlisle and down the M6 - quite a journey! Geoff had a clear run up the M5 / M6 from Malvern.

Lots of snow in Patterdale but we managed to get out via Penrith down the M6 through Kendal and on to Staveley for the Wainwright Society AGM. Unfortunately we haven’t done any walking at all yet! Tomorrow we are hoping to Arnison Crag from the hotel and if road conditions are good we may have a go at Hallin Fell. It is a good job that we are in Phil’s new 4x4! Phil is going back tomorrow but Geoff and I are in LD for another couple of days. We are enjoying live entertainment in the Patterdale Hotel so we are not complaining.

We had fantastic views of the Howgills coming back on the M6 this afternoon pity we couldn’t stop for any photographs.

Nick, Phil & Geoff

Morning Phil,
I’m sure you know that you can do hallin fell by lake boat from patterdale. Probably not running until Easter. Exceptional conditions up there this week, take care,
73, frank.

Hi Frank
We just did the WOTA activation of Arnison Crag yesterday morning. Phil has gone back to other duties in Pickering and Geoff and I armed with newly purchased crampons and ice axes, are hoping to do some WOTA activations in Borrowdale over the next couple of days.

Just looked out of the window in the b & b and we have a fantastic view of snow clad Skiddaw.

Nick G4OOE

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“armed with newly purchased crampons and ice axes”

Be careful chaps. The skills required to use ice axes and crampons cannot be picked up by reading the swing tickets on the products - and safe ascents in winter conditions require a detailed knowledge of hazards such as cornices and avalanche risk assessment.

Winter mountaineering is an aspect of upland travel that really does demand some training beforehand.

73 Richard G3CWI

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Winter mountaineering is an aspect of upland travel that really does
demand some training beforehand.

Richard is completely right. For those of us intent on doing SOTA in winter conditions (rather than just in the green intervals of a normal winter) I would recommend learning the skills either on a course or by engaging the services of a guide for some on-the-hill tuition. The last thing we want is a SOTA-related casualty. Oh, and if you already have the skills, practice them every winter in the first decent snow conditions that you meet!

As an aside, I went on a week long winter climbing course in Glencoe in 1973, my tutor on that course later died on the Eiger during the filming of “The Eiger Sanction”. Accidents can happen to even the most skilled people!


Brian G8ADD

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Also be aware that there have now been 13 fatalities in the Scottish hills this year - the latest evidence that even the most experienced can be dumb; his son turned back but he pressed on, brilliantly well equipped and experienced but he forgot the basics.

Barry GM4TOE

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Ah. That sort of thing doesn’t get in the news down here. Silly mistakes can happen to the best of us, I’m afraid. Over confidence and inattention takes its toll.

Even with thirteen fatalities it hasn’t been a record winter, but Easter is coming so I guess its inevitable that the numbers will increase. My lot (the Mercian MC) are heading for Crianlarich on Thursday but I have regretfully ducked out as I have a trip planned for April.


Brian G8ADD