G4OBK 25000 points

Many congratulations to Phil G4OBK who has passed the Chaser 25,000 points milestone during a QSO with Jirka OK1DDQ/p.

Phil is a very popular chaser with his super-signals ensuring that he appears in the log of most SOTA activators.


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Hey, congratulations Phil! Always a pleasure to work you, especially on the higher frequencies, on the key in amongst the white noise. Hopefully catch you again soon.

73, Gerald

Congratulations Phil on achieving your 2500 chaser points.

Jimmy M3EYP

Clearly a fine station and a spot-on operator. Good show Phil.

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Congratulation…what a result.

Makes my 1 point look a little lost!

John G1STQ

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Makes my 1 point look a little lost!

Little acorns, John. Little acorns.


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Congratulations Phil on achieving 25000 chaser points.

73’s Geoff G4WHA

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Congratulations on passing 25,000 chaser points Phil :slight_smile:


Mark G0VOF

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Many congratulations Phil.
GL on the 30´000 wall and hope we meet
at the Ham-Radio in Friedrichshafen.

Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA

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Well done Phil, many thanks for all the “chases” and looking forward to lots more in 2010!

73 de Paul G4MD

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Congratulations to Phil’s unrivalled result, becoming 25 times Shack Sloth! :slight_smile:
Regarding the note of HB9CSA Fri: Maybe Phil’s next objective/challenge will be becoming not 30x Shack Sloth, but a Mountain Goat! :slight_smile:

73: Joska, HA5CW

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Congratulations Phil,

We’ll have a round in Fried…

73 Alain F6ENO


73 Bernhard DL4CW

I bow for you in admiration, Phil.

Glad to have worked you and hope to catch you again many more times !!


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Hi phil.Great achievment and always a pleasure to work you.All the best for 2010. Geoff G6MZX

Thanks to everyone for the accolades…

It isn’t that difficult to reach that sort of score as a chaser. The main requirement being that you stay indoors during the daytime as often as you can looking for SOTA contacts and operate on the CW mode on the HF bands. There is plenty of activity, although as we have seen with the recent weather, activity can fall away to very low levels at times!

The ultimate challenge for those young and fit enough to achieve it has to be Mountain Goat - I am some years away from that I fear, but I hope to get there in the end. Since becoming switched on to SOTA in 2005 when I worked G4YSS on G/NP-012 Baugh Fell I have accrued around 5000 Chaser points every year. As an activator I have accrued an average of 76 points per year, so there is a long way to go with the next objective!

Thanks to all, for the great cameraderie we have with SOTA and especially the activators who make it possible and the management team and association managers who coordinate the infrastructure of SOTA all at no cost to the participants. That continues to amaze me.


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Since becoming switched on to SOTA in
2005 when I worked G4YSS on G/NP-012 Baugh Fell


You have been an unknowing participant in SOTA since its very first day in 2002. You are in my log for that first day on 40m CW. Happy times!

For the record the following “chasers” were in my log on day one (in time order):

1100 G6NWT (the first ever SOTA contact?)

Some on 40cw others on 2m FM. This was the total across two summits (Caer Caradoc and Long Myndd); an activation done by train.



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Congrats Phil on a fine achievement.

Ric - thought summits were to be accessed on foot? ;>)



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Hi Richard

What a surprise to have had that contact on the first day, I wasn’t aware of it. Then a 3 year gap before I got interested…yes I was working full time during the intervening period so that may have had something to do with it!

Thanks for the info about Dent G/LD-045 being on the C2C by the way - I must get on now and alert that, even though it will be May before we get there. It’s a pleasant thought on a dull and miserably wet day in North Yorkshire. M1AVV Simon must be keen to have gone out on to Gisborough Moor on a day like today.

73 Phil

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You also go so near to Place Fell on the C2C that it would be the height of bad manners not to call in and say hello to the summit!