G4IPB Sloth

I had the privilege earlier to work @G4IPB, Paul, in County Durham, on 7.063 exchanging 59 reports both ways,from the summit of Moel Y Gamelin GW/NW-042 , and push him to 1000 chaser points.

The image below was kindly taken by 2W0SFB/P of us making the “sloth contact”. Well done Paul!



Thanks very much for the contact - working from home does have a few advatages and allows me to look at the spots whilst hoping for inspiration! It is slightly chaotic as I seem to end up with the animals as well as some interuptions from the teenagers too! Plan B involves having a much bigger desk allowing more separation between the shack and the office!

( Sorry didn’t tidy up for the photo!)

Finally I’m not sure what sort of animal is part goat ( 25%) part sloth but I’m hoping for a few more activator points soon! Sunday I have a permit for my closest hill Mickle Fell (G/NP-002) 15Km away but on a military firing range requiring permission so hipefully a few more activator points.

Once again thanks very much for the contact!

73 Paul


Congratulations, Paul on achieving Slothdom! I clocked up 500 chaser points yesterday, so hopefully I will make Sloth before too long. 73s John