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g4dez sk

I have Just heard that Bryn Llewellyn, G4DEZ (JO03AE) sadly went Silent Key yesterday of a Heart Attack on saturday

RIP Bryn !! you will certainly be missed by many,

Steven m0sgb

I am sorry to hear that Bryn G4DEZ had gone silent key. I have worked Bryn quite a few times in the UKAC contests on Tuesday evenings. He provided me the JO03 square and a lots of points.

Jimmy 2(O)0EYP

In reply to 2E0EYP:

Very sad news, Bryn passed away on Friday & I am sure many of us who frequent the VHF bands will have worked him, either in, or outside of a contest.

He even worked me during a couple of my activations.

My condolences to Bryn’s family & friends.

Mark G0VOF

In reply to M0SGB:

That is sad news indeed Steve. Like many I will miss Bryn’s dulcit tones on air. With his excellent station he was usually workable on 2m with a few watts into a quarter wave of wire inside the shack.

Gerald G4OIG

In reply to G4OIG:

I had a lot of contest QSOs with Bryn back in the day. Seems a lifetime ago now. Sad news.


(Whilst I can edit/amend/delete postings I can’t edit titles, so I’ll get Jon to fix the title just in case G3DEZ is shocked to find out he’s now dead and wasn’t aware of the fact.)

Sad news

A superb contester and an advocate for the joys of VHF and UHF! I drove past his set up once and thought is was a commercial going on!!

RIP Bryn you will be sadly missed

Matt G8XYJ

Had countless contacts with Bryn on 2m 70cms and 23cms over the years. Will be sadly missed, a truly devoted amateur.

Like wise many a contact with Bryn on vhf/uhf,he will be sadly missed on the bands.Don.

In reply to M0SGB:
Stunned at the news of Bryn’s death… sad news indeed, worked Bryn many times, always very helpful.


In reply to M0SGB:
Yes it’s a very sad news… Always on a 2m to answer !
RIP bryn
Condolences to family

Christophe F5UBH

In reply to M0SGB:
That massive signal on 144.260, and the superb
contesting skills will be sadly missed.
RIP Bryn

Dave G0ELJ

In reply to G0ELJ:
A very sad news… I even worked Bryn in MS/JT6M-Mode on Six!
Condolences to family

Juerg, HB9BIN

In reply to MM0FMF:
tnx Andy for, my miss-spelling, sorry if i offended g3dez,
Steven m0sgb