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Thanks Mick, thats right its been slow these last couple of days,Thanks to all activators for the points, condx have been poor of late,A big tnx to Peter HB9BYZ/p for my 5000th point,73 GEOFF.

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Congratulations Geoff. all the best for the next 5000 and SUPER SLOTH status

73 Graham G4JZF

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Well done Geoff - a milestone of which you can be justly proud, with the majority of points on C.W.

Conditions have indeed been pretty bad on 40m just lately, thank goodness for the activators who use 30m, which is a lifeline and where I have heard you working many stations.


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Indeed, a superb achievement Geoff, congratulations, well done.

vy 73 Mike

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Thanks Graham,im on your tail ,Hi,callyou from a summit ,Geoff

In reply to G4SSH:
Tnx Roy, You make me feel famous,Hi,The old g5rv aint no gud on rx on 30m,but seems ok on tx,i always hr u in the pile-ups, tnx fer all the spots Roy, thats accrued me mny points,73 GEOFF.

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Thanks Mike ,you hve one hell of a signal,you seem to get me on every summit no matter what my ant arrangements are,73 GEOFF.

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Well Done Geoff on your 5000th point you must have put the hours in to get them points hi.


Well done Geoff on your 5k - you need to get out a bit more !!!

Phil 2E0PHL

Congratulations Geoff !
well done,and thanks for all the qso we had.hope to cuagn.
after my trip to HB0 i´m back to sota with a few activations from local summits.
wx in this time is vy bad since days with a lot of rain es storm.

ok,thanks for all and good luck with the next 5k :wink:

vy 73 klaus