G4BLH 20,000 points


Many congratulations on reaching 20,000 chaser points.
A truly remarkable achievement


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Cheers Mike, well done !

73 de Geoff G4CPA

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Hi Mike,

my congratulations for that great achievement.
Good luck for the next 10.000!


It’s always a pleasure to work Mike and I’m delighted to have contributed a few points to that total. Here’s to next 20000!



Many congratulations on a remarkable achievement it is always a pleasure to work you from the summits. Heres to the next great milestone.


Congratulations and very well done Mike! Ever eager to leave home for your local (and not so local) high spots to give 23cms a try - keen, even after so many chaser QSOs. Many thanks for all those times you have gone out specially to try to work me.

All the best, Gerald

Congratulations Mike, well done

73 Graham

“and not so local”

Indeed. Mike made several drives out to ensure he worked Jimmy and I when we walked the Pennine Way. He got us on SP-001, SP-002, NP-017, NP-010, NP-016 and NP-006, and certainly we would have struggled on three of those without him. The 2m band was very quiet those afternoons, and the weather was awful! Unfortunately, Mike’s ‘run’ was broken when he didn’t get us on NP-001, but a pirate was playing music on S20 that day which made things more difficult for everyone.

Like others on this thread, I also appreciate the way Mike makes the effort to work the more unusual band/mode combinations. If I alert or self-spot for 2m CW, you can bet G4BLH will be in the log.

Good one Mike, but…

No certificate! That comes at 25,000 points - so no slacking yet!



Well Mike. I also would like to say all the very best and I can only back up all previous comments.Well done and thanks for all the help you have given me.73 Geoff G6MZX.

Well done Mike on such an excellent achievement!

Many thanks for being such a reliable caller on 4m and 6m, very often going to a lot of trouble in order to make the contact.

Best wishes,


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Holy Highscores Batman! Wow, congratulations Mike. How long has that taken?

Congratulation Mike, I know you have to go portable just to chase due to high qrm at the home qth (well you do when chasing my summits - hi!) so this makes this achievement even more remarkable.

Well Done, and hope to work you many more times


Barry GM4TOE

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Well done Mike - but what I find more impressive is that you are top of the worldwide chaser table for all vhf/uhf frequencies above 50MHz (Perhaps I could operate a bit more on 6m to get you to the top of that one as well :slight_smile: ).

Roger G4OWG

Nice one mike… Well you are sat with the rig strapped to your head…lol

Well done Mike and thank you for the many times you worked me on my activations.

Many thanks for the kind comments received via this reflector, by E-mail and over the air.

To answer one question, it has taken me four and three quarter years, with the first 15 months being virtually all contacts on 2m/70cms FM, indeed well over half my chaser points are from 2m. I still chase on 4m/2m/70cms and 23cms and of course HF/LF when its possible. However,like many folk, I am finding that the noise levels on HF/LF at my home QTH are becoming intolerable with S9+ noise from assorted RFI producers becoming the norm. The interference at times even extends up to 2m (but not at S9 thank goodness). So when time (and the weather) permits, I sometimes set up in the field about 400m from home where the noise levels are much, much less in order to chase some of our more distant activators.

I notice that Don G0NES and Roy G4SSH will be passing through the 20k barrier soon…good luck to them both.

Regards, Mike G4BLH

Hi Mike,

Many congratulations on your fine achievement!
Thanks for all the contacts, and I look forward to working you many more times in the future.

Best wishes,

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Very impressive, Mike. Congratulations!!
Regarding the white noise on HF: Have you ever tried to feed your transceiver with a battery and cut out all fuses for your house-power to see what happens? If the white noise disappears, you can try filters for your powersupply unit.
This helped me a lot, could completely remove white noise on 40 meters and all higher bands, I can live with the noise on 80 meters (s 2 on narrow cw, earlier s 9) but 160 m is still bad.