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g4afi/p 23/02/13

Hi All,

If you worked Andrew G4AFI/P today & took the summit reference from my original spot then please change the summit to G/WB-003 Stiperstones. Andrew gave me G/WB-005 when he first called me as I worked Ricky MW6GWR & continued giving that reference for about 20 minutes. I did call again after his first few contacts to confirm the correct reference but by then the pile-up was well & truly in progress.

Apologies to anyone who may have logged the incorrect summit, I will try better next time.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G0VOF:

Thanks Mark.

With France not many miles away from here the contest today has nearly made 40M useless. Activators and chasers have done well to speak to each other today! Here a contest station every couple of kc spreading down into the CW nominated part of the band plus I don’t think they are all sticking to the 100w limit. Thank heavens it ends today at 1800Z and not the whole weekend.

Mike G6TUH

In reply to G0VOF:
Thanks for the spot Mark. It was all my fault for the wrong Ref so pls don’t take any blame. Apologies to all Chasers to whom I gave the wrong Ref.

My wife didn’t fancy the scary roads on to Long Mynd G/WB-005 so is definitely one that will missed on this trip. I may have to do this one on my own at a later date.

The views from Stipperstones and Conniston Hill were really beautiful today, a very enjoyable activation. Thanks to all Chasers I worked today.

73 Andrew G4AFI

In reply to G4AFI:
PS what happened to the 5Mhz spot for GW4AFI/P on GW/MW-013? It seems to have disappeared!

In reply to G4AFI:

PS what happened to the 5Mhz spot for GW4AFI/P on GW/MW-013? It seems
to have disappeared!

I was going to ask the same.

I saw the spot on SOTAWATCH and by the time I had made my way to the shack some 10 minutes later, the spot had gone!

I thought I was going mad until I read this posting.


The road from Stiperstones up onto Long Mynd is not too bad, especially if you park at the Shooting Box car park. If you restrict yourself to this road, then there shouldn’t be too many jitters! Mind you, I wouldn’t bother if there was a hint of ice.