G3TQQ 2 x MG Activation on G/SP-008

Today Dave G3TQQ activated G/SP-008 Boulsworth Hill - Lad Law to achieve Double Mountain Goat. He was joined by twin brother Phil G3PSB and Nick G4OOE. The weather was near perfect and we had a successful activation on 2m and 40m.

Dave (on left) & Phil on G/SP-008


Congratulations Dave,
2k points, well done and a fine hill on which to complete.

Well done Dave.

Well done Dave, it’s been a pleasure to work you recently.
73 Andrew M0TRI

Was a pleasure to work all of you S2S today.

Congrats on the award.

Hope to work you all again in the future.

73’s Iain

Dear Dave,

congratulations to double goat! I was not aware I had the honour to participate with a S2S!

73 de Michael, DB7MM

Do they were different hats so people can tell them apart? :wink:

I know Dave is a two pole man these days, so that’s Dave on the left, and Phil on the right. Very well done on a great effort Dave! Finished on a Lancashire hill too - can’t be such a bad thing for a Yorkshireman…

Lots of miles travelled by car and on foot. A credit to the walking fraternity for sure.

73 Phil

Congratulations. Here’s to many more S2S and chases…

Mark. M0NOM

Congratulations “young” Dave, well done, a great achievement.

73 Victor GI4ONL

Well done Dave!

It was a pleasure to work you, Nick, and indeed Phil
several times during my recent holiday in Bentham.

The weather forecast put me off Helvellyn in the end,
but I still got a proper soaking on Hutton Roof Crags!

73, John M0VCM

Many thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes on my 2xMG. It has been much appreciated.
I must mention the help I have had from my very good friends, Nick G4OOE, Phil G4OBK, Victor GI4ONL, and Geoff M0PYG.
Not forgetting the Penrith stalwarts John and Geoff.
73, Dave G3TQQ