G3RDQ/P sending wrong reference ! 26th March

Today I activated 2 South East region summits .
G/SE-006 Ditchling Beacon starting at 1152 and G/SE-009 Chanctonbury Ring starting at 1426.
Unfortunately I had somehow convinced myself , before leaving home, that the reference for Chanctonbury Ring was G/SE-008 and consistently sent this reference in error during the whole activation and when self-spotting for 60m.
Sorry for my mistake ! and many thanks to all chasers today , please correct your log entries if wrong . I will try not to do this again.
Thanks to Les, G3VQO and Phil, G4OBK for realising that I had got it wrong and spotting me correctly.
Thanks to Aage LA1ENA for spotting me with what I was consistently sending on CW.
Apart from this mistake , wonderful sunny weather , lovely views and plently of QSO’s.

73’s & 72’s , David , G3RDQ.

In reply to G3RDQ:

Hi David,

Before I set off, I always write up the relevant data at the head of the page in my log book.


In reply to G3WFK:
Hi John,
Thanks for your advice.
I just looked at the inside cover of my note pad and sure enough I had written down the correct references before leaving home.
Shame I did not refer to it when out on the hill ! just working from my senile memory. As this was the second summit of the day a page had already been filled in and turned over ,secured with an elastic band to stop the pages flapping around in the wind. So for second summit the written down reference was covered up.
I will put it down to March madness or was it sunstroke !
I guess it was not as disasterous as previous failures, like leaving the fishing pole at home.
The first lesson I have learned is to check the refernce taken with you before you start operating.
I often put the reference in my mobile phone to make it quicker to self spot .
This time I only entered the first reference thinking that its easy enough to edit from SE-006 to SE-009 before sending.
The second lesson is to put both references in the phone before leaving home.

73’s David. G3RDQ

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Hi David,
Yes, we have all done it - gets worse with age!!
For info, if you have an android type mobile phone, have downloaded an app
called Pocket SOTA. Gives all the regions worldwide in detail, a quick shortcut to SOTAwatch plus other tools - think it cost 0.63p !

73 Peter TJE+

In reply to G3TJE:

Hi Peter,
Thanks for the info.
Yes you are right about the age effect.
I forgot to say that I also left my glasses in car as it had warmed up by the afternoon and no jacket was required for the ascent. Its not the first time that I have left my specs at the bottom of the hill.
Happy days.

73’s David