G3RDQ/P 20/12/2011 spotting error

Today I was active from G/SC-010 , Dundry Down.
I started calling on 10Mhz and was soon spotted as G/SP-010 in error.
Later on 18Mhz I self spotted correctly as G/SC-010.
So if any of you were wondering how I got from the South to the North of the country in a matter of minutes then I didn’t.

Thanks to everyone who called today.
If you have logged me on 10Mhz as G/SP-010 then you might like to correct the entry in your log.

Also thanks to the kind person who spotted my calls on 10Mhz. An errored spot is far far better than no spot at all !

David G3RDQ

In reply to G3RDQ:

Hi David, it was my mistake :frowning: as heard you well indeed, still can’t understand
how (wasn’t a typo) but I did it . . really sorry about it, and thanks to correct
me . . Hope you did well, C U next + season’s greetings to all!
73 de Laci -ha7ug-

In reply to HA7UG:

Hello Laci,
Yes thanks to you spotting me I had many callers on 10Mhz making 23 QSO’s on this band. Good for mid-week in the winter.
Much fun for me with only 5 watts from my FT817 and dipole.
On 18Mhz I made 4 more contacts before going QRT. (so as not to leave my xyl waiting for me ,too long in the cold !)
Hope to QSO again soon.
Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year holidays to all.
73’s David G3RDQ