g1ink does qsl

Just been looking at youtube and came across this video,
on the left hand side of the ft817 is the qsl card from our Steven g1ink;;

click on this link

Steve m0sgb

In reply to M0SGB:

The coincedences just pile up. After watching the vid and seeing the qsl card I followed a link to a for 360degree view of tinto hill, which I hope to activate in august. Following that I found a link to a vid of a group activating from said hill. Appart from smiling at the pyramid setup of the 817 tuner, amp and biiiiiiiiiggggggg battery I was slightly surprised to recognise the voice on the other end of the of the qso.

The qth of welshpool slightly gives it away :slight_smile:

For those who dont want to try and find it, here is the link.